Author Topic: Why should Freemasons abandon freemasonry if they become Christians?  (Read 89 times)


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This is not aimed against anyone on a personal level here but it is aimed for those (Especially church leaders) who live double lives with one foot in Gods camp and the other foot in satan's camp.

Freemasonry on the humanistic level seems innocent enough. They help each other when needed and there are many "Perks" such as job opportunities which dont get to reach the open market in high positions. They also do large amounts of charity work (Though in some masonic areas certainly in the UK, charities can find out the costs of the compulsory party they must put on for those who raised the funds eats up most of the monies raised... but we shall ignore this as a general example).

Now Freemasons themselves dont describe themselves as a secret society, but a society of secrets. All well and good on the surface of things so far, but what most fail to realize are what these secrets actually are. There are not many secrets they keep in their meetings (Unless one is a member of a masonic group taken over by a form of criminal mafia as has been known) which they couldn't talk about with everyday folk, except that they are not allowed to say they are masons in most cases. (They have secretive ways to identify other members and rank etc).

Now what are the secrets which should concern a Christian? First let me give a scripture here. "My people are destroyed by lack of knowledge". This is God speaking here to show that His people can be deceived if they do not know the truth. Here is another scripture which springs to mind. " Ye shall KNOW the truth, and the truth shall set you free".

When one at first becomes a mason one has a ritual to perform, and there is a similar ritual to be performed each time one goes up a level. Each one of these rituals, or we shall call them ceremonies, is so carefully designed that all but the strongest Christians in the Word of God and in the Holy Spirit will notice that something is not quite right. Most go with the flow as they are encouraged to continue with the ceremony concerned. They reason to themselves that as they dont seem to hear anything that seems wrong or evil, that all is OK and they are joining a decent group of people who are upholding all that is good towards mankind.

Another secret to be found out is when they reach the top position of the four ranks or positions, if further promotion comes they realize they have more ranks again in the system of tings. This is one of the secrets. The other masonic groups which were thought of as their competitors are suddenly found to be the next rank up in the system and it keeps going up in a similar fashion. Most Freemasons will never progress to go up the ranks like this.

Now if they ever reach a certain rank, they will find out who the master of the universe is.. The great architect they thought of as God is revealed as satan. Very few go onto this position of knowing and it is kept from all but the highest of ranks.

The issues of the masonic system therefore have great concerns for a Christian as one finds one is a pawn or a slave to a system run by demonic influences on a spiritual level, where the lower ranks are given tasks on occasions to earn virtual merit badges and favours that seem close to Godly principles but are not. For example the "Give and you will receive" where one gives and one will receive from God is converted via masonic eyes into "I give to you and expect to receive from you because I've blessed you by my giving". In other words, instead of freely giving and one gets ones reward from God, the masonic slant to this principle is giving with strings attached. In other words they are in effect saying " I await a favour in return". (Now one will naturally be more likely to help someone who has blessed you, but this isn't the principle of the sewing and reeping principle which is mentioned in the Bible).
Another aspect that is often missed by those who have become involved in freemasonary are the meanings of the many symbols used, which have demonic origins in most cases. We all know satan is known as the great deciever and this is how very few people involved in the masonic organisation will pick up on this.

Now what do you do if you find yourself being, or wanting to become a Christian and you are a mason? My advice for you is to follow Jesus Christ. First pray that God will lead you and you will get confirmation so you will know what I am telling you to do is true. You need to stand down from your membership of the organisation. This is not to say anything against a mason. This is because you now follow Jesus Christ.

It maybe a good idea to get involved in a church, though if you know the church to be run by fellow masonic members, though they may be decent people, look for another church as you want a clean break as you are now following Jesus. It is an individual walk with God you have following in the footsteps of our Lord Jesus.

It maybe best to let the Lord lead you in His paths. If He takes you into a church go there. If He says "No" dont seek to look for a church, but read His Word, the Bible and God will make sure you will have what you need. (When the Lord told me to leave a church I was in, He sent a pair of missionaries all the way from Africa to the UK just to teach me on a personal level and He can do this for you too).

Here is my end message to anyone who thinks he or she can be both a Christian and a Freemason.  You cannot serve two masters. Either you will be dedicated to one and despise the other or you will despise the one and be dedicated to the other. Choose this day whom you will serve!

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Re: Why should Freemasons abandon freemasonry if they become Christians?
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Freemasons claim to worship God, the great architect and to have secret knowledgr revealed only to those who are 'worthy' of recieving it.

Those two issues alone should raise warning flags to any Christian. To finalist those alarm bells try asking this question.
'If a muslim/hindu/atheist joins this lodge is he still a muslim/hindu/atheist?'
The answer is yes they do not change. Which of course means freemasonry is not Chriostian and Christians shouldhave nothing to do with it.

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