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Re: Why was the Lord Jesus Christ Baptised?
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Hello Tes,

The word, 'Paradise', is only found in three places (Gr. 'Paradeisos') (Strong' s No. G3857):-
( Luke 23:43; 2 Cor.12:4; Rev.2:7 )

In the Old Testament, 'The garden of Eden', is also referred to as, 'the garden of the Lord'. The word used for the garden of Eden, is used for every reference to a garden in the Old Testament: it is used literally and figuratively. The Strong' s No. is H01588 = (Heb. 'Gan').  The identifying feature linking the word, 'paradise', with the garden of Eden is the presence of, 'the tree of life', see - (Rev.2:2; Rev. 22:2; Rev. 22:14; Gen.2:9; Gen.3:22).

I don't agree with you when you maintain that it refers to heaven, or generally, 'a place where God is'.  It is used much more specifically than that.

As for, 'Abraham's bosom', this was pharisaic teaching, and is not the subject of God's Word. Luke 16:22 is the only reference to it: used by our Lord, when speaking to the Pharisees; and then only to illustrate the way that their teaching made the Word of God of none effect regarding the state of the dead: for they believed that the dead could communicate with the living. Also, to show the absolute necessity of resurrection for one to rise from the dead (Luke 16:31)

The rest of your two entries is a matter between you and wincam, I will not comment further.

Within the love of Christ our Saviour

PS.  It is not without reason that our Lord, warned, 'Beware the doctrine of the Pharisees', but tragically it has gone unheeded, and Christendom is riddled with it.

Excellent reply thanks @Cariad   :D

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