Author Topic: 7 October 2017. 70, 000 London march against terrorism. BBC news blackout  (Read 53 times)

Description: BBC censorship of anything not politically correct.

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About ten years ago, I got rid of the TV and haven't paid the TV licence since.  Here is yet another reason why we should completely distrust the BBC's so called impartiality.

Yesterday there was a march through central London in protest against extremism and terrorism. It seems to have been a joint effort between military veterans and the Football Lads Association. Reported numbers are around 70,000 marchers and completely peaceful.

So what did the BBC have to say about it?

Zilch, nothing, nada, zero, etc.

Had it been a pro EU, or pro Islam march, even with 500 marchers, it would have been massively covered with interviews all round airing their grievances.

But to report such things as yesterday's march just doesn't fit the BBC pro immigration pro Islam narrative, so to make sure that the sheeple don't find out, a news blackout is established.
I don't have a TV, so I may be wrong, but a search of the BBC website reveals nothing at all.
It also seems that all other channels kept silent. In fact the only report seems to be in the online Daily Mail.

I first experienced a news blackout back in 1997 when I attended a Referendum Party rally at Alexandra Palace. In terms of numbers it was the biggest political party event the UK had had for decades. When I got home, there was a complete blackout with absolutely zero reports anywhere in TV, radio or newspapers.

What was crazy was that we had foreign TV cameras in attendance, but no BBC no ITV no SKY.
But as we left, we did find one BBC camera crew in the car park, they were filming a pro EU protester dressed as a clown. So they spent the time and money to attend the event, with the sole purpose of false reporting. It is more than likely that the BBC arranged for their own personal clown!

Here's a bit more on the issue.

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Your View - thats NewView