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Does the  Apostolic Church still have Apostles [being that they died 2000 years ago !

Offline Deborah

Jesus chose twelve Apostles to be the foundation of His church (see Ephesians 2:20) There have been no more apostles in that sense since the Twelve died.

BUT there are other people in the New Testament called apostles - men (and probably women as well - see Romans 16:7) sent not directly by Jesus but by churches to preach the gospel and to establish new churches. These days we call them 'missionaries'. (The word 'apostle' and the word 'missionary' have the same derivation - they both mean 'someone who is sent)
"My sheep listen to My voice; I know them, and they follow Me." (John 10:27)

Offline davetaff

I think its a question of the called and the chosen to separate groups all Christs apostles were chosen by him and so were those of OT as Abraham Noah Isaac Jacob etc.
Through all these many are called the difference with these is they can use there free will to refuse Gods offer.

I believe that Apostles have been chosen over the last 2000 years to further Gods plan.

Love and Peace

Offline Carpenters Son.

Of corse there are still apostles to say. Apostles are chosen by God and are not chosen by man. There are not many around. The Apostolic Church recognised such a calling, though to be fair, so did many others within various churches within the Christian realm.
To say the apostolic age ceased around 2000 years ago means one is probably part of a dead church as the calling of the various giftings within the church  and the flowing of miracles has not ceased. True, one day all earthly things will cease when we are with the Lord with a new Heaven and a new Earth, but a church that says it all ceased 2000 years ago requires a heart surgery and bringing back to life.

Offline John

The apostles in Acts gave the identifing marks of an apostle. one vital quality was that they were to have been with Jesus durring his earthly ministry.

Offline Carpenters Son.

We all have walked with Jesus. This is why we are known as Christ followers.

Offline John

Spiritualy yes, apostels physically walked and talked with Jesus.

Offline Carpenters Son.

In a way the same can be said about the other positions like pastors, prophets etc as some have said they were only for the early years of the church. I may disagree with that along with apostleship, as without apostles today the rest of the positions can't exist as it is only apostles who have the authority to appoint them which is why apostles have to be appointed directly from God.