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To forum posters
« on: August 19, 2017, 08:11:11 PM »

Guardian please delete if you think its necessary.

Dear Posters,
As one of the moderators here I would like to say that we dont want to discourage you from posting.
Only please do not make personal or insulting comments. They are not agreed with at all. They are unacceptable.
Not only you, but a few others have made personal remarks indirectly about posts being manmade.
Whether it is true or not, we all do to different extents and its far more humble to present your posts, without these accusations to others.Unless the posts are really astray.  Then please be tactful.

Exceptions are where the posters are in mutual agreement and its in a banter style.
If on the other hand, these accusations are made towards Spirit led posts then it is the enemys attack.
A lot of unkindness has been observed.

If we know Jesus then we are all on the journey into truth and people who accuse others of having manmade points, also have manmade points themselves. Its far better to be humble and receive more grace from God and present your posts with more humility.

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