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The Heart.
« on: June 06, 2017, 09:10:46 AM »
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God made creation and saw that it was good.
We were not created to be robots but to partake in creation. To procreate and partake in His glory and be creative ourselves.
We see that reflected in art, music, science and its developments. Everyone has innate abilities in recognised ways or in hidden ways.

The point of this is that we were created to be interactive and not programmed like machinery.
Light was in the world as God is the light. Only humankind chose darkness over the light.
People were given the gift to be interactive but instead of even appreciating God, let alone glorifying Him for it, they got puffed up with pride, and left Him out.

Creation does glorify God and shows His divine qualities. You can see His nature in the beauty and atmosphere of creation, such as in sunsets and flowers.
People were made in the image of God. The creatures show altruism. Its been seen that animals can parent a complete different animal. Such as a baby hippopotamus that was mothered by a giant turtle, after the baby lost his natural mother in a natural disaster.
Even a human baby girl was raised by a pack of wolves.
These things reflect the compassionate nature of God.
Animals and people can show compassion and not necessarily because of their faith but because they were created by God.
Only that word SIN got in the way , like a hugh ink splatter over a beautiful oil painting.
It's the heart that is not perfect and often their are mixed motives for good actions.
Some is to enhance the identity, to feel better and for hidden motives for self. That only God sees.
Only God sees the intentions of the heart and its mixed motives. Some are pure and some are for selfish reasons.This is not aimed to any individual but speaking generally. Also to make the point , that only God knows the true intentions no one else does.
In observing things it seems that God designed the creatures to be altruistic but sin changed creation to be selfish.
The wolf who mothered the human baby girl showed altruism but another time might snarl her teeth, because the wolf is part of fallen creation.
Only God is perfect and will restore creation to be perfect.
I'm trying to think of pure altruistic motives in human behavior.
Jesus who died for His enemies, so they may be offered the gift of eternal life.
Stephen who cared for the people stoning him, and actually when they stoned him.

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Re: The Heart.
« Reply #1 on: June 21, 2017, 07:39:58 AM »
Its been said that we are naturally selfish by nature. Well that's true because we are all part of a fallen creation.
Selfishness is out of need sometimes, and that's the way we were born.
We are needy but the problem is when we reject the better way, in having that need met. That's through Jesus who can meet that need in the depth of our soul, our entire being to be forgiven, to be satisfied, to be secure  and to be transformed.
To provide that deep need and deep yearning of a relationship, that is met in Him and subsequently with others through Him.
To provide other things when the security in Him is properly established.
In coming back to the selfishness that I mention, because its described by Dawkins in natural selection, in a process  that they believe is without God.
They are describing the fallen nature of creation.
Yet God made creation and it was good. Yet SIN got in the way, like a hugh ink splatter on a lovely oil painting.
Changing the laws of nature, from altruistic to selfish.
Yet parts of God 's design remain and you can still see Him there.
That's because His loveliness is so powerful, potent and stands out.
You can still see the remains of the lovely oil painting, despite the ink splatters.
A challenge to the selfish gene is God's nature, in the laws of nature. That is still there, despite the falleness.
Such as a completely different animals showing compassion to another animal, like I said.
Even within  insects is altruism.
Particularly in ants and bees.
Ants are known to lay down  their life for the Queen.
Yet God our Creator did it the other way round.
He is King of Kings who died for us, who are little ants in His hands.

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Re: The Heart.
« Reply #2 on: June 21, 2017, 08:22:37 AM »

Before fallen creation.
Genesis 1:29-31
The laws of nature were completely kind.

God gave humankind authority to have dominion on the earth. Genesis 1: 26, 28
 Yet humankind chose that word SIN.
Therefore creation became fallen, and bringing death.
The laws of nature changed.
Yet in the future, the laws of nature will be restored to how they originally were.
Hosea 2:18
Isaiah 65:25
Isaiah 11:6-9

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Re: The Heart.
« Reply #3 on: June 21, 2017, 02:29:36 PM »
Hi Primrose
Thank you so much for these posts really good reading thanks.

Love and Peace

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Re: The Heart.
« Reply #4 on: June 22, 2017, 05:48:33 AM »

Hi @davetaff and thankyou.  :D

How are creation and the heart linked.
As its about the universe and also about individuals.
Its about the external display in creation and the heart which is the most hidden part of an individual.
What do they have in common.
They both show the image of God.
You can see God blatantly clear, in the beauty of creation.
Yet you can also see the fallenness of creation.
Similarly they are  both in the heart of individual s, and the mixed motives. That only God sees.
Yet Jesus came to the earth to pay the price for the fallen ness. He died for our "sins" and to restore the lovely oil painting.

Some might say, why was it necessary for His blood to be shed.

Well it shows how serious sin is.
Saying sorry doesn't necessarily erase things, when they are that serious.
We know that very well.
Yet it was humankind's "interactive " offense to God. Not the other way round. Yet still He died for us.
 He died for us and so we can be forgiven and to forgive each other.
We don't need to expect more from each other in forgiveness, because the blood of Jesus did it for us on our behalf.
For between us and God, and also each other.
If someone said "I'm sorry, can I make it up to you."
The natural side of me would say " yes". The spiritual side of me would say " you don't need to because Jesus paid it all."
It would then be better to let my spiritual side win.
 For God in His grace can enable a person to forgive.
Its a release and like walking out of a dark place into His light.
Another reason is:
Our understanding of situations is limited or incomplete. We can be offended by things, where no one intended to hurt or offend us.
 Therefore its better to forgive and to understand as well, rather than to hold an unnecessary grudge.
Yet God's understanding is complete and its better for us to implement the price Jesus paid for us, than to expect others to pay us back for the way they wronged us, "or the way they appeared to". As our understanding is incomplete but let it be in the hands of God, whose understanding is complete. Who paid the price for us both between ourselves and God, and also between each other.

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