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Please excuse any waffling, that may or may not be correct.
What came to mind yesterday was a question, that someone called Amazed (Barb ) asked in the old forum, regarding Matthew 27:51-55 regarding the resurrection of God's people, after Jesus died at His crucifixion.
Fulfilling the prediction of the resurrection of His people Isaiah kjv26:19
 and the prediction of the earthquake. The curtain torn in two.John 2:19-21
What I see here is that  prophesy can reoccur. That God's people will be resurrected at the millennium and the earthquake will reoccur.Zechariah 14:4-5
This maybe an example and another example is the Tower of babel that occurred in the past and is occurring now.
The reoccurances can happen quickly, or over different ages.
As God speaks a thousand years, as if they are one day.
I was thinking of the people, before Jesus came and they may not have expected a gap between His first and second coming. In much the same way, many don't expect a millennium, before the new heavens and earth.
Yet the millennium appears to be in the process of the new heavens and earth.
 There are differences of opinion, but in my opinion  I can see a transistory stage.
For which many referred to, about the better resurrection and went without many things of this age, as said in Hebrews 11.
"Others had a foretaste of God's promises in this age, and will also have them in the age to come, in a much better way. Abraham comes to mind and Joseph also comes to mind."

 As prophesy reoccurs, and appears to become more fuller and expanded in a different age.
Eg. God makes all things new in the millennium. Isaiah 65:17
Life is prolonged although death occurs, and for many there is eternal life. Isaiah 65:20 And then more fuller and expanded:

God makes all things new, in the new heavens and earth.Isaiah 65:17
Death will be the last enemy to be defeated.Revelations 21:4 1 Corinthians 15:25-27

Regarding Matthew 27:51-55,
and wondering what the purpose of this resurrection was about.
 It was very concrete evidence of Jesus being the Messiah.
Fulfilling the predictions of the curtain being torn in two, and His people rising from the dead. Isaiah kjv 26:19
They awoke to the new testament time.
It was no bed of roses, as the disciples suffered persecution.
Though in many ways was a great blessing with the fullness of God's Holy Spirit from Pentecost, and the new testament church.
Therefore the people may have been resurrected for the purposes of revealing who Jesus was, providing evidence for Him, also in relation to John 2:19-21. As well as being raised  for the blessing of Pentecost and thd new testament church.
Likewise Gods people, the Body of Christ, rise from the dead at the beginning of the millennium
For a purpose. Isaiah kjv 26:19
Showing that prophesy reoccurs.

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Hi Primrose
Thank you for that post a good interesting read food for thought I totally agree with you about about Prophecies and events being repeated and every time something is repeated it is on a grander scale.
We can see this in the creation of man in God's image  First Adam to Noah  from Noah to Christ the story of Israel and from Christ to the end of the millennium when christ and his bride become one.
So we see the progression from one man to a nation to the worldwide body of Christ.

Love and Peace

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Thank you Dave. I like the way you said that about events being repeated, and every time it is its on a grander scale.
With Jesus He came as a Lamb.
At the second coming He will be as a Lion, I think. To rule, overturning the powers and principalities. Binding them.

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