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Seeing past the storm/Peace be still~Letter from the heart
« on: March 10, 2016, 12:34:23 AM »
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I was outside pondering a couple nights ago, and when I initially went out the night sky was quite something.  There were many stars in the night sky, there was only a few odd clouds.  Now for many years I have been fascinated with stars, as in looking out for or at them, I am not educated in names/constellations etc...However, the Bible does tell you that all of creation testifies to God, and God flung these very stars into space.  I got thinking on God's testimony, the Word of God.  Now rightly or wrongly I kept that within the realms of words... spoken, written, thought or heartfelt.  However, when I think on things like 'all of creation testifies (speaks) of God' then I have to remove myself from this wordy box of hearing God's Word.  So inanimate, none speaking things also ... speak of God, or testifies.  So look out for God speaking to you in more than just words.

The stars have given me many a muse over the years of varying descriptors, and this one here is a new one.  The stars for me that night represented people, specifically God's children of light.   We seek out light in others or see it and know it is God's speaking or reaching out through them.   

If you seek out light in others and will find it. 

If you seek out darkness in others and will find it. 

Seek and speak life and light, taking our eyes out of the pit and focussing them on God or the heavens.  Keep your focus on God and it stands to reason the darkness will diminish.  Keep close to God and the devil will flee, but know he is like a prowling lion waiting to pounce, so it is imperative whenever, wherever we keep looking to God.

'He is the Way, the Truth and the Life (light)'

I went back out an hour or two later, to find that the night sky had clouded over some.  There were still some stars visible, however there were many that were not.  Now do those stars you no longer see stop shining?... no.  Is the light further away now?... no.   This had me thinking of the light and love of Jesus.  His guidance, His mapping, His jigsaws.  Know that jigsaws were originally invented by a cartographer in relation to mapping...

'The engraver and cartographer John Spilsbury, of London, is believed to have produced the first jigsaw puzzle around 1760, using a marquetry saw.  Early jigsaws, known as dissections, were produced by mounting maps on sheets of hardwood and cutting along national boundaries, creating a puzzle useful for the teaching of geography...source wikipedia'

This also had me thinking about the scripture of Peter on the waves and Jesus there.  When Peter lost 'sight' of Jesus (His light, love) his faith stumbled, his natural mindedness took over, the doubt, and as a result he sank into the waves in the storm.  Now Jesus wasn't any further away, His light was still there, the high waves may have caused a barrier for sight, but this doesn't change the truth that He was still there having not moved anywhere.  Note though, that although Jesus let Peter sink into the waves, He did not let him drown.  Then I relate that back to the night sky and the clouds.  How the lights of those stars are still there, not gone anywhere, other than out of sight.

John 20:Then Jesus told him, "Because you have seen me, you have believed; blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed."

This also had me thinking of not hiding our lights under a bushel.  Putting them on the hilltop for all to see, so nothing 'earthly' can get in the way of anyone seeking out God, that effectively you are being a lighthouse for God. 


Now back to the analogy, the clouds and what they represent.  Well thinking on it, there really are multitudes of things they can represent.   Because ultimately they represent anything, anyone, anywhere, anyhow, anytime that puts a wall between you and God.  They cause division between you and God and others.  But know that God is in the business of breaking down dividing walls!  If you are still under any doubt as to what these could be, here are some examples...

Fear, Doubt, Lies, Greed, Being silent on an issue, Insecurity,  Allowing satan dominion in your life, Anger, Hate, Despondency

Some of these examples will be quite obvious, some not so obvious... 


There are so many things that can create fear or implant fear in us I really couldn't list them.  Often people's behaviour, attitudes and words towards us can instill it, along with major life events.  It can cause you to physically, mentally or spiritually freeze like a deer in headlights, shutting you down.   

I am no longer a slave to fear...I am a child of God.


Did God really say that? does God really mean that? does God really love me? I cant do that, I don't think God's promises are for all His children, only for the good ones...the list goes on doesn't it?! 

YOU are a beloved child of God, with whom He is well pleased, He loves ALL His children.


God hates you because you are a failure, God won't protect you, God won't deliver you, You are unlovable, You are not worthy, God is for others not me.  You are weak. 

God IS my stronghold, my protector.  I am not a failure because I can do all things through Him who strengthens me.  Seek out and listen only to God's veracity.  Know that satan can sow half truth's to trick you into believing lies.  Half truths invariably equate to lies or deception.


I never have enough money or possessions, I have less than nothing so there is no way I can be greedy, I need a television for the room I don't have one in because the 4 I already own isn't enough, my car runs but I need a newer one.  I need to win the lottery.  So in essence we transpose our wants into needs when mostly our perception of needs can really be wants. 

Jehovah Jireh, my provider, His Grace IS sufficient for me.

Being silent on an issue?

Ever stood by and not acted or spoken up when someone is at the receiving end of someone's vitriolic actions or words?  keeping quiet instead of speaking out, under the illusion of 'keeping the peace'. 

I have a personal and social responsibility to stand up and out for what is right, whatever the circumstance or outcome.


Now this is a big one isn't it?!  How satan's lies can have you on unstable ground, leading to insecurity.  Being under constant barrage or grinding instilling many lies in you, creating feelings of insecurity and unworthiness.  Satan getting a foothold in your relationships, then once there systematically breaking them down. 

Telling satan he has no right interfering in your relationship, that instead of focussing on the negativity within them, to focus on the positive and build up from there.   Learning God's Truth and spiritual affirmations, to reject the lies and attacks in your lives which help create insecurity.

How and why would a Christian  'allow' satan dominion in their life?

Using examples to illustrate...I could allow or give permission for satan by things like...getting involved with the occult, latching onto negativity which only seeks to destroy...remembering that satan seeks out to kill and destroy.  Speaking words of death and not life over our home lives and others.  Lack of forgiveness gives satan a field day of messing with you.  It breeds hate, it breeds fear, it breeds doubt.   

We cannot let the devil have all the limelight in our lives, let alone dominion!  Liberated from our bondages we are God's children.  God is our liberator!


Now I think we really need to be honest with ourselves on this one.  We can let the small or large things of life trigger us off.  Can start with frustration which in turn can lead to anger.  Now rarely have I myself or seen others act in 'righteous anger'.  Should we be directing our anger towards any person?  should we even be angry with ourselves?  should I allow irritations which over time can build a house of anger? 

In your anger do not sin, do not display anger towards people.   Peace perfect peace is the gift of God, and if we apply peace in our lives and situations, whatever we are going through at the time, then it removes doorways for anger to move on in and out.


Hate is one where if we are honest, we at some time and level, even now feel towards others.  I don't want to live in a bubble of kidding myself that I don't.  This isn't helpful towards myself or the person I am hating on.  Many things can breed hate in our lives and open the doorway for satan to trip right on in.  Often it is those close to us and their actions that can create it.  Attitudes of others and organisations can create it. 

We need to learn to love or allow God to love through us in all situations, even those that pain us.  Hate really is the opposite of love so it doesn't have a place at all in our lives, no matter how 'good a reason' we feel we have a right to be hateful about.  There isn't really justification for hate, when we are told to even love our enemies.  This can be a hard pill to swallow, however once we learn this lesson, it has the ability to make our lives and future brighter and more peaceful.


I am sure if we are honest we have all felt this at some point.  When life just seems to get at you day in and day out.  Same stuff another day.  We can get locked into a spiral of despondency which if left unchecked, can really take us to a difficult place with how we 'see, hear' God, our lives and others around us.  It leads to all sorts of negative emotions, which wear you down.  You feel like you are trapped, with no way out, with no light at the end of the tunnel.  Your despondency can lead to utter despair, feeling of being that deep in it, anything good, any freedom, any love or light is beyond our sight.  This is most definitely a big doorway for satan and his lies. 

Firstly, you not only have to know, but you need to accept and embrace that God loves you and that you are a beloved son/daughter of Him.  We need to learn to focus or look out for the good, light our lives and not focus on the bad or negativity that is trying to eat away at us.  We need to learn to recognise the work of satan in and around us, as well as recognising and knowing the work of God around us, to know what to take on board and what to dismiss.  Satan loves to drag you down, and keep you there.  Within a moment of recognising satan's handiwork in your life, in a moment of recognising, acknowledging and handing that over to God, He removes you from the mud and sits you on the Rock.  Your eyes turn upwards and don't just see this mud, they see the heavens. 


Living in the now, letting go of what was and making changes towards what will be.   Taking action where required.

I say these things, because we need to accept for a start, we cannot ourselves go back and change what has happened to us or by us in our lives.  This has already become a part of history.  We can definitely learn and move on from our past, but we cannot stay in it and relive it each and every day.  This is not healthy to do mentally, physically or spiritually.  Living in the past is the same as keeping your eyes looking downwards, as in you are not open to hearing and seeing God in the now, because your focus is simply 'elsewhere'.  Don't for one minute think or feel that God doesn't speak to us today, in the now, for ours and mankind as a whole's, good. 

When God speaks to us in the now, it isn't just to tickle our ears.  I have found that when God has spoken into my life in whatever form He has done that, it has been for rhyme or reason.  His word doesn't come and go void.  We need to see 'why' He has done this.  For example, if God is telling me that I am His child, His love for me is immense, do not doubt Him....then it is to reassure me of His promises, His parental side of character, His love for me.  Reminder not to listen to satan's lies and take no note of his distractions.  Greater is He that is in me, than he that is in the world.  Satan only has dominion in the world, as a child of God he only has dominion in my life if I have given him permission either intentionally or ignorantly without intention.  Remember we are only in this world not of it anymore, therefore there is NO obligation to allow satan dominion in your life! 

I/we do not have to accept anything other than God's spoken word over our lives and His promises.  You need to acquaint yourselves with what His promises to His children, in the now are.  Acquaint yourself with how your spirit manifests or testifies of what is God's Truth when you hear or see it.  It is important to remember the armour of God, and not only don it once a week or once a month, but each and every day.  You may even need to put it on more than once in a day if your heart, mind and soul have strayed causing it to fall off.  God giving us promises is not carte blanche for inaction. 

I think this is important, I do not believe that we are to sit on our laurels because God has said He will do this and that.  Examining yourself, your life is no easy thing and really a good task at demolishing pride in your life.  How do I react if someone tells me some 'truths' I need to learn? do I get defensive, or do I take them on board and turn to God to help me rid my life of the lies, darkness and demonic control in my life and those around me.  Do I allow satan and his lies to break down relationships in and around me? Do I allow satan's lies to override God's Truth?  if so, why so? only give God permission or dominion in your lives and not satan!  Never set out on a course of self examination without the intention to change what you come across, otherwise it will become a tool for self condemnation or flagulation, which is not of God.

This last year I intentionally set too 'sorting my life out' once and for all.  I have spent nearly 40 years of my life allowing (consciously or not) satan's dominion in my life and those around me, and done very little spiritually to deal with that.  Fear has been a very big factor in doing that, through and in most things.  Undoing 40 years of lies is no easy feat let me tell you.  Don't for one minute think that God's refining process is necessarily going to be a walk in the park!  There has been many stinging scabs dealt with, many lies dealt with, many hurts dealt with, many relationships dealt with and no doubt much more to be dealt with.  However difficult the refining process may seem, the one unmovable thing, has been God and His love in my life.  I may not always have seen or acknowledged it, but on looking back I see God's hand in my life, even if at the time it felt like He had abandoned me!  If people abandon or reject you, never interpret that as God has abandoned and rejected you...this is a direct lie from satan, and opens a doorway for spirits of rejection/abandonment to waltz right on in.  In the name of Jesus through His blood, no demon has a right to stay in you, no matter how much they may grumble, they know they have to obey and leave. 

I cannot allow satan dominion in my life or family any more.  It doesn't matter the 'whys or hows' he has done that.  Once recognised don't sit with inaction and allow it to continue on, be moved to action WITH God, to make that change in your life.  There is nothing too great or too small that God cannot help you with.  Even if I have to revisit and remind myself me AND my house will serve the Lord!  no matter what, this is what is happening and will happen with my household. 

Remember, there is no condemnation or shame for those in Christ. 

I thank God for highlighting my flaws rather than getting embarrassed, defensive or angry, because if He hadn't have highlighted them through whatever means, then I would have carried on regardless, unawares allowing satan to wreak havoc.  But then I think if God highlights my leads to conviction.  If satan highlights my flaws through whatever leads to condemnation.

Whatever storms you have or are going through, know that God is with you always through them.  No matter if you see Him or not, He doesn't budge an inch from by your side!  Focus on God's peace and you will be left with no shadow of a doubt that He is with you, delivering you and bringing you into freedom.  You wont sink in those waves, by faith and God's Grace you will make it through.  No storm lasts forever.  Seasons come and go.

May God protect us all and guide us all in our lives, to be His ambassadors for peace, faith, love and reconciliation to Him, with all we come in contact with.  May His light be that bright through us, that even someone who doesn't believe will be drawn to Him.  May we all be His access to the lost, hurting, dying and dejected in life, helping lead them home, with hope, joy, life and acceptance with one another.  Working as His Body effectively and together as brothers and sisters in Christ, upholding one another along the way.  No one is without need of help and support at some time in their life, and know that God uses each of us to do that as and when the time is needed to.

You unravel me, with a melody
You surround me with a song
Of deliverance from my enemies
Till all my fears are gone

I'm no longer a slave to fear
I AM a child of God

From my mother's womb
You have chosen me
Love has called my name
I've been born again, into a family
Your blood flows through my veins

I'm no longer a slave to fear
I AM a child of God

I am surrounded, by the arms of the Father
I am surrounded, by songs of deliverance
We've been liberated, from my bondage
We are the sons and the daughters
Let us sing our freedom!

You split the sea so I could walk right through it
My fears were drowned in perfect Love
You rescued me so I could stand and sing

I AM a child of God

Special thanks to Seeker for inspiring me to post this here, encouraging me to just be mushy hugs  :D

Peace and love in Christ

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