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« on: February 05, 2016, 07:32:46 PM »
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Hi, I mentioned in another post I'd give a little of my background....
Hmm, hope it doesn't bore you to tears.

Disappointed when God doesn't answer your prayers?
Yeh! well, I know how you feel, kind of disappointing to say the least, isn't it?

Lesson learned.
It was a dreadful period, a dark period that my poor wife also endured along with me when I was in the midst of alcoholic addiction many years ago. It had consumed me with much trouble, sorrow and fear.
Throughout that time I cried out to God so many times seeking help and support, eventually resorting to prostrating myself on the floor when praying, but He never answered, not once did God answer my prayers.
Nevertheless, as with all of us, no matter what, life goes on and we continued enduring those dark years together.
Roughly six years later an awareness slowly began to dawn on me, my prayers had  been answered. God had been answering all along.  I was simply too immature, too stupid, too way off the mark to see or understand and,  probably....yes...... feeling far too sorry for myself.

Just in case:
 I'm sure I won't but, just in case, and to ensure I'd never forget, I wrote the following, I keep it with me and close to my heart.

On every occasion I offer a prayer request
up to God, He ALWAYS answers.
He never rejects, never forgets, and
never overlooks a prayer request.
He ALWAYS, ALWAYS answers me.
He may answer speedily, He may answer
in due season.
He may even answer with a "NO".
But He ALWAYS, ALWAYS answers me.
And that's a promise.

I'd begun very slowly, to understand, to realize, God is smarter than I am, He knew full well I wasn't at the point where I could move on.
I had to learn He is supremely smarter than I was and am, to learn He knows me better than myself.
He knew when I'd be ready, ready to move to move forward, forward to begin a far superior lifestyle, and sustain it.
Later, (21 years ago) we went through a completely different crisis. (Hah, we've got used to them now)
Through no fault of my own I'd to close our business. We lost our car, money, made homeless, everything but, thankfully, we weren't made bankrupt.
Anyway, my wife and I relied heavily on that "Promise" and Wait-a-while. (still do) it unquestionably sustained and does sustain us.
Interestingly, as with many events in life, that promise developed into another blessing in disguise.
I became seriously unwell not long after closing the business. As a result I've several health problems including disability.
Eventually, two years ago, I'd to give up the motabilty car I depended on so much. My legs had become too painful when driving. I'd never have forgiven myself if I'd caused a fatal accident, any accident.
On one of my visits to hospital, a consultant who knew a little of my background, mentioned he'd absolutely no doubt some of the health issues I was faced with were the result consuming so much alcohol when I was a young man.
Actually, on several occasions, when throwing back alcohol, my knees would ache the following day. I'd an idea myself it was down to the hard stuff, but I could never be certain. Even if it proved to be the case. I'd probably have ignored it.

So, as I mentioned, I doubt I will forget however "Lesson learned", if God ever did appear not to be answering my prayers, if I'm in the midst of feeling abandoned, let down or rejected or feeling sorry for myself as a result of God saying "No", I keep in mind....
He'll be saying, NO, weewillie,  Wait-a-While.

Providing I keep my heart and mind in the right place, providing I always accept a "No" on occasions, providing I'm prepared to
"Wait-a-while" I'll continue to discover days, weeks, or even years later why God answered with a no, and you know what...
I'll actually be thanking Him once again for answering with a "NO" and that "Wait-A-While.

Here's to the wonder of God and all His mercy.

Best wishes.


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Re: Wait-A-While.
« Reply #1 on: February 05, 2016, 09:29:10 PM »
Good post! thank you for sharing... I like your signature line too btw  :thumbs_up:

Good lessons on patience, what Lord I have to be patient too as well as submit?! ahh okay I can be patient...until tomorrow  :rolleyes:

But yes God does answer our prayers just not always as we expect.  I think this is part of mans problem at times, their 'expectations' of God.  I have been working on dumping expectations to allow God out of the box we so like Him to be in.  Amazing how God communicates with you when you adopt the attitude of allowing God to be God!


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Re: Wait-A-While.
« Reply #2 on: February 23, 2016, 12:47:06 AM »
Hi Seeker, I'm so sorry I've taken so long to reply to your kind words.

I'm honoured you liked the post and for taking time out to reply.

My sig, well, there's a story behind it.
Will I offer you the long version, or the short version.
Errrmm, best the short version I think.  :D

A number of years ago I wrote a letter of concern to a minister of some standing within the circle we were involved.

He didn't post a reply, no, he waited until the next time we met and then proceeded to "read" his reply to me.
It meant he could emphasis his words as they were intended in his letter of reply.
He'd read my letter but, completely misread it and out of out of context, and he was angry.
I thought it best just to stand, listen, and let him see I was listening. (intently)
After he'd finished, I simply said "fair enough" as I stretched out my arm and shook his hand.
I learned a valuable lesson that day and never forgot it.

Now, when or if, I pen some words I think may possibly be misinterpreted or misunderstood, that little siggie
 is printed in small text at the bottom of the page underneath a fine black line.

No sarky or objectionable comments have come my way, amazingly, only words of approval. (whew)

Yes, I learned a lesson that day, so I'm very grateful to that gentleman. I still admire and love him as a brother,
but I know never to cross him again. lol

He really is a fine human being who offers great wisdom and knowledge. He will come to your aid at the drop
of a hat, as I can attest.
The world could be doing with more like him, but I'd be aware never to cross them.  :)

Thank you again for your kind reply.

ps. This really is the short version.   :grin:



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Re: Wait-A-While.
« Reply #3 on: February 25, 2016, 04:05:16 AM »
Serenity & Seeker.

O' the insult of insults, a cardinal sin even,  in the world of Web Forums. :embarrassed:

Two members' names ignorantly confused in a reply post.
Seeker, I was replying to Serenity.

I hang my head in shame as I proffer my utmost apologies to you both.

I won't insult you both further by offering any lame attempt of an excuse.

Red faced weewillie. x x

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