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Horizons of Yahweh's Love
« on: December 13, 2015, 11:35:04 AM »

How far does the Horizon stretch out across the skies
How far is the Love of the Lord sweeping across the Horizons
Across the seas, voyaging across the seas
How deep and high does the Love of the Lord reach
There is none other, no heart bigger

The Lord delights with His mercy and Love
Over you, in you, with you, through you forevermore
With peace and freedom
Sail into the Horizons of Yahweh's Love
The wind of His Spirit across your sails
Driving you through the highest waves
The storms settle and the calm restores
The silence of God's peace

Adonai Nissi - the Lord your banner is over you
The Lord our Branch, spreads His love across the Horizons
He is the Judge of all the earth
His justice flowing deeper than the oceans
In the Ocean of God's Love on your own
With no vessel but the Lord

Taking you deeper into His Love
Revealing His heart with only miles upon miles of oceans
One thing remains seen, the Horizons of Yahweh's Love
Why would you want to run from this Love that heals your heart
It is the strongest than any other
Bringing you into freedom from the pain

Jehovah Rophe, Heals the wounds of the earth
Let His kingdom come, upon you now
The banner of His love, surrounds you
Composing the music of the oceans
Dancing in the Great Hall of His kingdom
No enemy keeping you from Him
The oceans storms of your heart
Become the stillness of the Lord's
Be still and receive His peace

Give the Lord your highest praise, from the deepest recesses of your heart
Let Him in, He knocks, He waits, open the door
Let the healer set you free
Through the midnights you still have the light of the moon and the stars
Through the daylights you have the light from the sunrise
Without the midnight you wouldn't recognise the dawn
Sailing with the Lord across the seas
Navigating through the Horizons of Yahweh's Love


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Re: Horizons of Yahweh's Love
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Aye didn't see that