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Jihadist rebels seize key Syria airbase
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Jihadist rebels seize key Syria airbase

Syria conflict: Jihadist rebels seize key Idlib airbase


    9 September 2015

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                Rebel fighters fire a heavy machine gun during clashes with Syrian pro-government forces on the frontline facing Deir al-Zoghb, a government-held area in the northwestern Idlib province, on August 31, 2015.Image copyright

Image caption
                    Rebel fighters have captured swathes of north-western Idlib province since March


Syrian rebels linked to al-Qaeda have seized control of a key airbase in the north-western province of Idlib after long battle, Syrian state TV says.

Abu al-Duhur airbase was under siege for nearly two years by the militants, who have captured most of the province.

The militants behind the attack are believed to be a coalition of Islamist rebels, including the al-Nusra Front.

Since late March, rebels have seized a number of cities in the province, including Idlib and Jisr al-Shughour.

Government "evacuated their positions and moved to another point", according to Syrian state TV.




The Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said the insurgents had captured "most" of the base, including the command centre.

The loss of the airbase is the latest in a series of setbacks for government forces in north-western Idlib. Earlier this year, militant groups captured the provincial capital, Idlib city, as well as other towns and villages.


Source: Jihadist rebels seize key Syria airbase

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