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Stop Serving Elephant Meat on Menu In Zimbabwe For Any Celebrations!!

Please sign and share this petition worldwide to demand that elephant be taken off the menu for President Mugabe's birthday party on February 28th.

With all the other festivities to honor this man, it is absolutely unnecessary for elephants to be slaughtered. This disgusting extravagance directly promotes the killing and poaching of these beautiful, majestic and endangered animals.

President Robert Mugabe's birthday is planned for February 28 at the Elephant Hills Resort, a luxury hotel. An estimated 20,000 people are expected to attend.

Conservationists have criticized the plan to serve endangered animals as "unethical" and local villagers say that the plan will hit their income.

Such a practice is promoting the kill and poaching of these animals along with two cape buffalo, two sable antelopes, five impalas and a trophy lion for the birthday bash. The farmer that is donating the animals states that the animals will be slaughtered a few days ahead of the party, and the meat stored by a local hotel.

These animals have to be poached and slaughtered in order to provide for these festivities and the chairman of the Zimbabwe Conservation Task Force states that "killing of elephants totally unethical. I am not in favor of anyone donating wild animals for a celebration or for any other reason." It is bad enough that this country is already under fire for their illegal treatment of these animals, including capturing live baby elephants for export to countries such as China and the United Arab Emirates.

Help us in our continued efforts to save the elephants in Zimbabwe and putting elephant meat on their celebration menu by signing and sharing this petition worldwide on all media sites to stop such practices and save these animals.

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