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Newsview :Authorities 'failed' over Syria girls
« on: February 23, 2015, 01:13:57 AM »



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Authorities 'failed' over Syria girls



                                Kadiza Sultana, Amira Abase and Shamima Begum




One of the schoolgirls sent a message to 'jihadi bride' Aqsa Mahmood on social media last Sunday, as Keith Doyle reports



The family of a Glasgow woman suspected of encouraging three London girls to join Islamic State (IS) say officials "failed" to stop them leaving the UK.


Aqsa Mahmood, 20, who went to Syria to be a "jihadi bride" in 2013, reportedly had online contact with one of the girls who left London last week.


It is feared that Kadiza Sultana, 16, and Shamima Begum and Amira Abase, 15, may try to join extremists in Syria.


Scotland Yard said it would not discuss matters of surveillance and security.


In a statement, Ms Mahmood's family said it was "full of horror and anger" that she "may have had a role to play" in recruiting the girls for IS.

  'Evil distortion'

"However, the security services have serious questions to answer," the family added.


"Aqsa's social media has been monitored since she disappeared over a year ago, yet despite alleged contact between the girls and Aqsa, they failed to stop them from leaving the UK to Turkey, a staging post for Syria."







                                Aamer Anwar




Lawyer for 'jihadi bride' family: "You would expect the authorities to knock on the door and say your child might need help"



The statement said despite UK government "rhetoric" about IS, authorities had not taken "basic steps to stop children leaving" to join the militants.


Addressing Ms Mahmood, who moved from Glasgow to Syria to marry an IS fighter, the family added: "You are a disgrace to your family and the people of Scotland, your actions are a perverted and evil distortion of Islam."


Their lawyer Aamer Anwar told BBC Breakfast that they wanted to know how the girls could have been allowed to travel to Turkey alone.


He added: "They are deeply distressed and angry. They are thinking: 'How many other families is this happening to?'."


  Aqsa MahmoodAqsa Mahmood has been in Syria for more than a year


Kadiza, Shamima and Amira, who all attended Bethnal Green Academy in east London, flew from Gatwick to Turkey after telling their parents they were going out for the day.


Police said they had been interviewed after another girl from their school went to Syria in December, but nothing had indicated they were at risk.


BBC home affairs correspondent Daniel Sandford says Ms Mahmood uses a Twitter account to encourage British women to join her in Syria, and that last Sunday Shamima sent her a message via Twitter.


He said it was not clear whether the London girls - all "star GCSE pupils" - had yet crossed from Turkey into Syria.


The schoolgirls' families have all made public pleas for them to return home.


Shamima's family said: "Syria is a dangerous place and we don't want you to go there. Get in touch with the police and they will help to bring you home.


"We understand that you have strong feelings and want to help those you believe are suffering in Syria.


"You can help from home, you don't have to put yourself in danger. Please don't cross the border."







                                The three girls passing through airport security




Daniel Sandford reports on the appeals from relatives for the girls to come home



Kadiza's family said: "In your absence, we, as a family, are feeling completely distressed and cannot make sense of why you left home.


"Due to the speculation that you may be travelling towards Syria, we are extremely worried about your safety."


And Amira's family said: "You are strong, smart, beautiful and we are hoping you will make the right decision. We miss you more that you can imagine."


Prime Minister David Cameron said the situation was "deeply concerning" and UK authorities would do "everything we can to help these girls".

  'Religious aspect'

Sara Khan from Inspire, an organisation which works to counter extremism and gender inequality, said 50 to 60 other young girls are thought to have left the UK to join IS extremists.


"I don't think we can underplay the religious aspect to it," she told BBC Breakfast.


She added that many see it as a "religious obligation" - whereas in reality, they were "being exploited" and "groomed".


Ms Khan said relatives, especially mothers, could help prevent others leaving in a similar way by "recognising early signs and differences" in their children's behaviour and by challenging extremism. 


Jonathan Russell of counter-extremism think tank the Quilliam Foundation, also said "front-line workers", including teachers and university lecturers, needed to play more of a role in spotting when people were developing "potentially dangerous views".


He said while it was likely there would be an enquiry into what more could have been done, the focus should be on "radicalisation and the motivations of these young girls". 

Source: Authorities 'failed' over Syria girls

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Re: Newsview :Authorities 'failed' over Syria girls
« Reply #1 on: February 23, 2015, 01:42:41 AM »
how did they get through customs  ?

Can people really be manipulated online ?

Or is it simply the temptation meeting the desire ?

After all - there is no temptation that causes action unless there is already a desire !

Matthew 6:13 - 1 Corinthians 10:13

The bible does not mention "under age"    ?


So what is the desire in "Islamic-State  ?"
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Re: Newsview :Authorities 'failed' over Syria girls
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What can a secular society offer in comparason to islam. Does a self gratifing life style compare to serving a cause and earning a reward in paradise?


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Re: Newsview :Authorities 'failed' over Syria girls
« Reply #3 on: February 23, 2015, 03:11:08 PM »
sounds like "good fruit"

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Re: Newsview :Authorities 'failed' over Syria girls
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Addressing Ms Mahmood, who moved from Glasgow to Syria to marry an IS fighter, the family added: "You are a disgrace to your family and the people of Scotland, your actions are a perverted and evil distortion of Islam."

Their action is not a perverted and evil distortion of Islam, but entirely in accord with what the Koran teaches.
The Koran also teaches that filthy infidels, like members of this forum, should be beheaded unless we become Muslims.

In other words, ISIS is merely doing today what traditional Islam has done in the past. That it ceased doing such things is merely because Christian Europe was strong enough to retaliate, destroy their attacks, and drive them back.
Disturb us Lord, when we are too pleased with ourselves. When our dreams have come true because we dreamed too little. When we arrived safely because we sailed too close to the shore. Disturb us Lord, to dare more boldly. To venture on wider seas. Where storms will show your mastery; Where, losing sight of land, we shall find the stars. We ask you to push back the horizons of our hopes; And to push into the future, in strength, courage, hope and love.                     (SIR FRANCIS DRAKE 1577)



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