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Interview: Armenian Orthodox Leader: ‘We May Forgive One Day ... But We Will Never Forget.’

Aram I, Catholicos of the Great House of Cilicia, on what comes next after US House recognizes Armenians’ “legitimate claim” of genocide.

The Armenian Orthodox Church is one of the oldest Christian churches in the world. According to tradition, Armenia was evangelized by Jesus’ disciples Bartholomew and Thaddeus. In 301 A.D., it became the first nation to adopt Christianity as its official religion.

An Oriental Orthodox church, the Armenians are in communion with the Coptic, Syriac, Ethiopian, and Malankara (India) churches. They differ with Catholics and Protestants over the 451 A.D. Council of Chalcedon decision to recognize Christ as one person with two natures: human and divine. Oriental Orthodox Christians declare Christ has one nature, both human and divine.

The Armenian Church is governed by two patriarchs, entitled Catholicos. One, Karekin II, is Supreme Patriarch for all Armenians and sits in Armenia.

CT interviewed Aram I, Catholicos of the Great House of Cilicia, which was once located in modern-day Turkey but since the Armenian Genocide relocated to Antelias, Lebanon, five miles north of Beirut. His jurisdiction includes the Armenians of the Middle East, Europe, and North and South America.

Aram I discussed the genocide, the US House of Representatives resolution this week to finally recognize it, and Armenians’ desired response from Turkey.

How do you respond to the US resolution recognizing the Armenian Genocide?

Yesterday I made a statement welcoming warmly this action taken. I believe it is very much in line with the firm commitment of the United States of America in respect to human rights. The rights of the Armenian people are being violated. After more than 100 years, we tried to bring the attention of the international community that the Armenian Genocide is a fact of history.

Whether we call it genocide or massacre or deportation, ...

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Source: Interview: Armenian Orthodox Leader: ‘We May Forgive One Day ... But We Will Never Forget.’

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[Cfamily]Cyborg Church: One Body, Many People
« Reply #1449 on: November 07, 2019, 01:02:17 PM »
Cyborg Church: One Body, Many People

Science offers insight on how the church can be more than just loosely associated individuals.

Recently I posted this on Facebook, “Answer with the first thing that comes to your mind, why do you go to church?” The vast majority of the answers were related to obtaining some kind of experience: closeness with God, worship, to be fed, to obtain knowledge. The far and away number one answer was “for community/fellowship.”

Yet I wonder whether what these experiences have in common, even the desire for community, is the focus on what the church gives me. Can that thing be relational yet ironically still individual?

While this Facebook post is not a scientific study, it made me wonder. Is the evangelical church in North America today truly the Body of Christ, or is it more a “loose association of the independently spiritual persons?” Do we ultimately attend as individuals searching for experiences to shore up our individual selves?

Of course, God works through the Holy Spirit to do amazing things in individual lives, but for some reason, as the New Testament writers remind us, he works through the church, the Body of Christ.

We come to church for many reasons, but we come to be formed as a congregation into the image and likeness of Christ—his Body on earth. The New Testament describes Christ’s representation as one but composed of many individuals (1 Cor. 12). How does God, through the Holy Spirit, enact this communal process, not for individuals, of being formed into Christ’s body?

We’re all cyborgs

We live in a world of new digital tools that are reshaping our lives. We carry around “smart phones” with all sorts of applications that enhance our daily lives in important ways. Apps remember phone numbers, access online information, guide us around town, ...

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Source: Cyborg Church: One Body, Many People

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Harvest Elders Say James MacDonald Is ‘Biblically Disqualified’ From Ministry

Statement comes nine months after his firing and weeks after he appeared at another Chicago-area church.

The elders of Harvest Bible Chapel have concluded that their former pastor James MacDonald is biblically disqualified from ministry and can never return to leadership at their congregation.

A church investigation into charges against MacDonald—who was fired in February— found he failed to meet the elder qualifications laid out in Scripture. They attested he instead “had a pattern of being disruptive,” “insulting, belittling, and verbally bullying others,” “improperly exercising positional and spiritual authority,” and “extravagant spending utilizing church resources resulting in personal benefit,” according to a statement released Sunday.

The announcement said while the Bible doesn’t teach that disqualification from ministry is permanent, his damage to Harvest would prevent him from serving again as an elder or pastor there.

“We believe James could be restored to ministry someday, but in order for that day to come, the fruits of repentance must be evident. Based on Harvest Bible Chapel’s interpretation of the Scripture, we have not yet seen evidence of this,” wrote the eight-member elder board (all of whom assumed their positions earlier this year, when the elders who served during MacDonald’s leadership stepped down).

MacDonald was dismissed from the church he founded after a string of controversies over his leadership and Harvest finances, concluding with an October 2018 defamation suit against his critics, an exposé by Julie Roys in World magazine, and a leaked recording of inappropriate remarks.

He did not respond to an email from CT requesting comment. In a statement announcing his sabbatical back in January, MacDonald acknowledged ...

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Source: Harvest Elders Say James MacDonald Is ‘Biblically Disqualified’ From Ministry

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[Cfamily]My ‘Mom Rage’ Is Understandable. But It’s Not Excusable.
« Reply #1451 on: November 09, 2019, 01:17:46 PM »
My ‘Mom Rage’ Is Understandable. But It’s Not Excusable.

In my fury, I’m invited to repent and be restored at the foot of the cross.

I am the mom who tries to have it all. I work a full-time job from home with two kids ages two and under. As a result, my life is very tightly wound. One sleepless night, one cancellation from the nanny, or one last minute trip to the doctor can collapse my carefully crafted plans and provoke me to anger.

Recently, I’ve found myself in a protracted battle with my youngest daughter over breastfeeding. When she arches her back and refuses to comply with my feeding plans, rage courses through my veins.

Yesterday, I looked into her eyes and said the words, “Shut up.” I was tired of her whining and constant grunting in dissatisfaction, so in a moment of desperation, I uttered words that I could never have imagined saying to a baby. I didn’t even know I was going to say them until they came out of my mouth. Then in sheer terror I remembered: “Out of the heart speaks the mouth” (Matt. 12:34), and “whoever hates his brother in his heart commits murder” (1 John 3:15).

These days, a lot of mothers (and fathers) struggle with anger. Various Facebook groups for moms—including those I’m part of—often discuss strategies for dealing with “mom rage.” Major magazine publications, too, are giving voice to women’s experiences of rage. They’re providing space for vulnerable and brave conversations and stories of women who struggle in their relationships with their kids.

Though it’s largely assumed that mothers have natural, self-giving love for their children (and we do), being a mom does not preclude real, powerful darkness from growing in our hearts. As Minna Dubin shared recently in  The New York Times, “Mother rage can change you, providing ...

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Source: My ‘Mom Rage’ Is Understandable. But It’s Not Excusable.

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[Cfamily]Comedian John Crist Cancels Tour Over Sexual Harassment Allegations
« Reply #1452 on: November 10, 2019, 01:09:48 PM »
Comedian John Crist Cancels Tour Over Sexual Harassment Allegations

The viral entertainer confesses "sexual sin and addiction" following Charisma investigation.

Comedian John Crist, known for his viral videos and jokes satirizing Christian culture, has canceled upcoming tour dates after reports he has harassed and manipulated multiple women to pressure them into sexual relationships.

According to a Charisma magazine investigation, Crist used his celebrity to exploit at least five women over the last seven years.

“The allegations include, but are not limited to, individually sexting multiple women during the same time period,” reporter Taylor Berglund wrote, “initiating sexual relationships with married women and women in committed relationships, offering show tickets in exchange for sexual favors and repeatedly calling these women late at night while drunk.”

Five women shared their stories with Charisma, and the magazine independently verified substantial portions of their accounts. The women believed that sharing their stories could protect others from Crist’s manipulative behavior.

Crist turned the Christian-ese phrase “check your heart” into a punchline, but now faces serious allegations. He said in an official statement to Charisma that he is not guilty of everything he’s been accused of, but did admit to “sexual sin and addiction struggles.”

“I have violated my own Christian beliefs, convictions and values, and have hurt many people in the process,” Crist wrote in his statement. “I am sorry for the hurt and pain I have caused these women and will continue to seek their forgiveness. I have also hurt the name of Jesus and have sought His forgiveness.”

Crist is currently on a comedy tour titled “Immature Thoughts.” On Wednesday night, tickets were still for sale on his website, but several ...

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Source: Comedian John Crist Cancels Tour Over Sexual Harassment Allegations

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[Cfamily]John Crist, Failure, and Warnings to Heed for Christian Leaders
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John Crist, Failure, and Warnings to Heed for Christian Leaders

Heed the warning. Run toward holiness. Rest in Christ.

Like many Christians, I’ve tweeted my share of John Crist videos. He has an ability to hone in on evangelical eccentricities through parody that is just biting enough to cause reflection yet light-hearted enough to force us to not take ourselves so seriously.

With this in mind, I’m beyond disappointed to hear of the sexual harassment and manipulation accusations coming against him, and his confession to engaging in what he terms as reckless behavior that “violated [his] own Christian beliefs, convictions and values.”

Disappointed yes, but unfortunately my ability to be surprised by these stories ran out long ago. Apparently, there is no end to the public failures of Christian leaders and influencers.

And, what Crist admits to is a failure, but there is also more to that story. There are victims here, and our concern should first go to them. And, at the time of this writing, we don’t know all the details, but we do know we have yet another Christian scandal.

Simultaneously, we can see that Jesus seems to be doing a good house cleaning of his church. For that part, I am glad.

As I wrote in an article in April 2018, “Christ is purifying his church, and it hurts. And there is more to go.”

Yet, it is painful. It’s more painful to those victimized, but it is painful for us on many levels as well.

In my time of prayer, it is driving me to Christ. More on that later.

Taking Accusations More Seriously

To start, I am glad that we are beginning to take seriously the stories of those who have been wounded and abused at the hands of those who claim to follow Christ. My friends are telling me this was known a while ago about John Crist. It’s not that women who were damaged by his behavior ...

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Source: John Crist, Failure, and Warnings to Heed for Christian Leaders

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[Cfamily]‘His Dark Materials’ Imagines a Church Without God
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‘His Dark Materials’ Imagines a Church Without God

The new HBO take on Phillip Pullman's trilogy explores the brutality of a church’s power without the gospel.

Imagine a world where the church exists without Jesus. Where a hierarchical church authority controls society, but lacks the genuine faith to guide it. His Dark Materials, a new HBO show based on the trilogy of the same name by Phillip Pullman, takes viewers into this oppressive world where the “Magisterium,” a fictional church, rules with fear and brutality.

His Dark Materials, which premiered Nov. 4 and airs on Mondays, intentionally offers viewers a picture of a powerful institutional church without Jesus or the gospel. The show’s narrative follows so-called heretics as they fight the ruthless Magisterium, which demands allegiance to its traditions and its mysterious “Authority,” without offering the hope of a Savior in exchange.

Anything that challenges the Magisterium’s authority is labeled heresy—and the merciless church will do anything to protect its power. His Dark Materials is less a story about belief and more about power, and how religious organization can distort and manipulate faith in God.

The overarching conflict of the show is between the freedom to choose and the church’s control. His Dark Materials isn’t shy about parallels to the Garden of Eden story. A key portion of Genesis is read aloud in one classroom scene: “eyes will be opened...and you shall be as gods, knowing good and evil.”

The Magisterium offers “scholastic sanctuary,” or academic freedom—but it’s a loophole with limits. Scholars are warned against “blasphemy” and spies are present even in private conversations, with the authorities ready to mete out punishment. This world lives under fear of the church.

Pullman describes himself as an atheist. ...

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Source: ‘His Dark Materials’ Imagines a Church Without God

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Re: Christian family - family and home topics
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The reality is that secular society would impose that on society. Already those who question the accepted thinking face isolation, loss of employment even inprisonment.

Those who have or who do live in totalitarin societies do experience this.

We should be ready to point out the contrast and ask for there explanation.

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