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Newsview :Healing Begins Here
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Healing Begins Here

A summary of my blog series on racial reconciliation and the church.
For the past month, this blog has hosted a series of guest posts offering thoughts on race and reconciliation within the church in America. I will offer my own thoughts about this series in a concluding post later this week, but I also wanted to offer an overview and summary of the posts as they appeared throughout the month of August. For those of you who have been following along throughout the month, or for those of you who have only read a few of these posts, please add your own thoughts or comments. What struck you? What challenged you? In what way are you going to respond?

Model Minorities: Welcome to the Church by Romesh Wijesooriaya

   An inside look at interracial dating, marriage, and the church.

Why I Stayed in a Predominantly White Church by Trillia Newbell

   Sacrificing comfort, gaining unity. Why attending church is vital even if it doesn’t meet all your felt needs.

In Christ, There Are No Racial Stereotypes by Michael McBride

   A call for scaling up evangelical leadership in racial reconciliation.

Confessing My Racism by Anna Broadway

   How extending and receiving forgiveness could transform us all.

Bankruptcy Helped Me Love My Neighbor by Troy Jackson.

   How one pastor found himself caught up in the mortgage crisis.

Just Because the Door is Open Doesn’t Mean I’m Welcome Here by Kathy Khang

   Every church makes assumptions. It helps to acknowledge them.

John Perkins: The Sin of Racism Made Ferguson Escalate So Quickly

   In an interview, the Christian civil rights leader responds to the shooting death of Michael Brown.

Racial Reconciliation 2.0 by Rudy Carrasco

   Understanding why we are all called to the work of reconciliation.

Multiculturalism Beyond Photo Ops and Potlucks

   An interview with reconciliation ...Continue reading...

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