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Newsview :Morning Roundup 07/22/13
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Morning Roundup 07/22/13

Cissé Sits Out; Church Attenders Have Better Sex; Race & the Early Church; David Platt on Radical Christianity

   I'd like to hear of more Christians declining certain activities because of their faith.
Papiss Cisse sits out Newcastle trip over religious beliefs, says agent -- CNN

   This story made the rounds. Actually it applies to all monogamous couples, particularly those who've only had one sexual partner in life (which leads skeptics to say they did not know any better).
Devout Catholics Have Better Sex, Study Says -- US News

   Interesting take from a couple of friends.
The Race Card of the Early Christians: What They Can Teach Us Today -- Derwin Gray & Frank Viola

   Recently on The Exchange, David Platt discussed the difference in radical Christianity and regular Christianity in response to recent Christianity Today cover story. I posted a response to the article and asked Francis Chan for his thoughts as well.
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