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Faith-Q - Who are the family of Jesus ?
« on: June 18, 2014, 01:00:36 AM »
Who are the family of Jesus ?

Who are the family of Jesus ? - you mean His real family ? blood family ?

Although Jesus had a family His real family were those brothers and sisters in Him or as we say "in Christ" (Matthew 12:46-50); (Matthew 12:49);These were whoever did the will of the Father, Jesus's mother and brothers were therefore anyone who listened , heard and did the Fathers will and not those who were in His immediate family. (Mark 3:34);Although you must honor your mother and father as in (Ephesians 6:2); and the foretaste being (Exodus 20:12); in this Jesus had to do His Fathers business (Luke 2:42-50); Yay even at the Cross Jesus asked His mother to adopt His child as a son (John 19:26); and here the Lazarus being raised up is adopted  into the family of God , for God delights in raising up those who are in the valley of death. Father God delights in raising up His children from the ashes and bringing up the lost from the grave of the dead.In this His family are the Church, His Bride, whom He gains glory from and in whom He delights.His family are those who do His will, the will of the Father and this has been His purpose and aim since Adam and Eve, that all should do His will and not theirs , for theirs are the "I" in sin, rather than the ""O" in Son.
Raising up Lazarus was done for the glory of God but merely a foreshadow for the purpose of proclaiming  and displaying a sign that God delights in raising up those who are forlorn, the raising from the dead merely prolongs a life but for a short time as in (Isaiah 38:5); for all flesh must die as all seed must fall to the ground (John 12:24); before it can multiply once more.

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Re: Faith-Q - Who are the family of Jesus ?
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Water may not be  thicker than blood, but it can be purified


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