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Is it easy to not commit murder as in the ten commandments ?

Is it easy to not commit murder as in the ten commandments ? no we all commit murder !

Interesting that "if we call our brother a fool, it is the same as committing murder (Matthew 5:22); therefore we all must commit murder as at some time or other in our lives we all fall at this hurdle and if it were not for the "covenant of redemption" or the Eternal covenant, we   nay none of us would enter eternal life, as the new covenant takes things to the heart and all of us at some point would fall and fail - see (Romans 3:23).In one sense , for those who are quiet and meek, they are less likely to murder and in another sense, those who are loud and barge in are more likely to commit murder. However both at some point would have committed murder or be mass murderers, the only thing that is part of the equity of sin  is the eternal blood of the covenant.Some say that "IF we love the Lord our God with all our hearts and our neighbours as ourselves" then we are equitted. however Ive never known anyone who loves as God loves and besides this would make it a conditional covenant. In which we would be coming in and out of the gateway, depending on the frame of mind we are in, one minute we would be "not guilty" and the next "guilty", one minute unsaved and the next saved.If my salvation were bound by "how many times I commit murder" or by keeping the 613 commandments of the mosaic laws, not to mention that some of them can no longer be applied and no longer mean anything in our time, but I fulfill all of them by love...then I stumble every time as I make it a "conditional covenant" unto myselfThis would not affect God and His covenant to me, however in my mind its affects me, in this I am bound by my own Psychological barrier, as I can never love as God loves. To even  love my neighbor as myself is bound by the  limitations of how I see myself and how God see's me. Therefore faith which is not limited to feelings or knowledge must come into play here.
The answer to your question is in the ten commandments and what was noted by God as an observation that man did commit murder  and remember that in this new Covenant Jesus takes things to the heart, therefore in the heart of this matter we must agree that the heart is beyond us and most deceitful  (Jeremiah 17:9); beyond our own healing or understanding, in this the eternal covenant was created between the Godhead, so that those who could never keep the commandments (Proverbs 24:16); might be saved, because you know that if you break one of these laws you break them all (James 2:10);
I can lie to myself and deny that I can murder thus breaking all the commandments and in the materialistic age I can deny I have other gods hidden away, but want for that which I cannot have and steal away that thing in my heart (Romans 3:23);, so no its not easy to follow a conditional covenant, as we all at some point we fail.

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Yes, no , yes, no

there you go...I disobeyed one therefore breaking all

Is it easy to not commit murder as in the ten

yes as easy as me saying "I never sin"

the one I dislike is when people lead you into it when you go to Church with the friendly handshake and ask "how are you today  :D"

I reply  "well you know not too good, had a bad nights sleep," give them a review of my life and list of all the problems and obviously by the time I've finished they've gone to sleep and the service is over.

So I just say "yes I'm fine thanks" as it was never meant to more than a friendly "hello" with a smiley reply followed by a "like" hash tag grin

So I walk into the service having given false witness ....but hey , who cares

the other one I dislike is the "handshake review diagnosis"

Based on my handshake , I am diagnosed as either weak or strong,

The power evangelist will shake your hand downwards so that yours is below his or hers

The submissive will shake your hand below as if to assume servant hoody and servitude

While the reliable character will be a handshake that crushes your hand [but you can get prayer after "as long as your have enough faith")

so with a broken  hand and like" hash tag grin, I can now assume my fave seat in my designated arena having broken the commandments

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once upon a time you were hanged whether you committed one murder or many murders - wincam
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