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Re: Faith-Q - Can an Alien life form be saved ?
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ummmmm - one example


Why would'nt water exist elsewhere ? and water means life !

No water on other planets does not mean life, all it means is that there is water.

You are following the false curcular reasoning of evolutionists who say because there is life it must have evoluved.

I strongly suggest you subcribe to either answersingenisis or to
You will find plenty of peer reviewed scientific articles that look at whether life can just appear from nothing and whether it is even possible for life to exist on the discovered planets

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Re: Faith-Q - Can an Alien life form be saved ?
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For those daft enough to believe in 'et' yet more nails in the coffin showing 'et' is only a demonic delission.
For evidence of that read the bible or search aliens.

what is needed for life to exists on a planet:-
a solar system with a single massive Sun than can serve as a long-lived, stable source of energy.
 a terrestrial planet (non-gaseous).
 the planet must be the right distance from the sun in order to preserve liquid water at the surface ? if it?s too close, the water is burnt off in a runaway greenhouse effect, if it?s too far, the water is permanently frozen in a runaway glaciation.
 the solar system must be placed at the right place in the galaxy ? not too near dangerous radiation, but close enough to other stars to be able to absorb heavy elements after neighboring stars die.
 a moon of sufficient mass to stabilize the tilt of the planet?s rotation.
 plate tectonics.
 an oxygen-rich atmosphere.
 a sweeper planet to deflect comets, etc. planetary neighbors must have non-eccentric orbits.