Author Topic: 50+ percent of Christian men + PASTORS struggle with immoral online addiction  (Read 40 times)

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Hi everyone,

according to studies more than half (!!!) of Christian men and many (!!) pastors struggle with immoral online addiction / "distractions" (due to sensitive keywords I will not leave a statistics link here, but you'll find the mind blowing stats about Christian "immoral online behavior" easily for yourself).

Some Churches wanted to prove the stats wrong and made anonymous surveys among their members and found out - it wasn't.

Like with any other addiction, they often downplay it, until it is (almost) too late (broken marriages, or discovery + removal from Church office etc.).

I have - by God's grace - overcome a very deep addiction to immoral content and am fully free, even in my thought life.

And now I help other Christian men do the same.
In my experience generic Christian advice won't effectively break this kind of addiction.
That is why I am about to write a book about my experiences and a fully Bible based way to get free (that I haven't seen anywhere else, even if it is so plainly in the Bible).

Now, before I fully go about it, I want to gather some feedback from fellow Christians about my book ideas, so it will be most helpful.

You can participate in this very important work and ministry (HALF OF CHRISTIANITY CONCERNED!) not with your money, but simply by answering a few questions here:

God bless you for your prayers and support!

PS: @DearAdmin, as statistics about this topic among Christians AND THE BIBLE TEACHING ABOUT PURITY clearly shows, there is a big discrepancy..!! We CAN'T look the other way. So, this is a very timely and important subject and where it is hushed up even more so.. Please - if by any means possible - put this post out into the brightest light or do an interview with me... I am open to anything that is helpful!! God bless you.


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