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The Ethics of The Sabbath
« on: February 13, 2022, 08:15:39 PM »
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Why are we given the Sabbath
To many, nature is man's greatest adoration. So the Sabbath is very much a representation of this, or at least the responsibilities to acclimate such a statement. Its the important day of the seven day week, and the important year of the seven year cycle.

Nature as nature is predetermined and defined by God and His will including the consequential effects from deterring from His perfect will to keep creation in harmony and well, functional, practical, reasonable, rational, worthwhile, purposeful, justifiable, and A commandment was given to abide by a rule that a day will be given to respect; man who are the least of God's priorities in this context for man's own sake. We are being given a day of rest so that the animals may rest, and that the land may rest and that the spirit of the earth may rest, and that life may constitute some proficient sense of reason for its purpose it existing and not the continuous endeavors of man whether essential or of interest, Some do know to a greater extent that God has asked us to let the earth, people, and animals rest once every seven days on the seventh day, and every seven years on the seventh year. The reasons for this is because the spirit of the earth has to rest. The animals have to be let to rest rather than being beast of burden unnecessarily for land being developed continuously as people are made to unnecessarily work for excess and expediency and to benefit the few and wealthy. God has commanded this for a important reason as to the yield may remain in balance to man, animals, and God's will for the needs of the earth and honoring man with his proper lot and responsibility, along with the year of rest to man which is also of accord and appreciation from God.

Instead of legitimate or sincere necessity but simply out of tradition of man and business,
A man owns many homes, although he only lives in one, he can own many beds but sleep only in one, same goes for anything else, a car, a guitar.
Lest power be abused for vanity, if evil endeavors of men are denied to occur, then yes its this very thing which conspiracy is referring to.

I have worked as a banquet server back in my day from 2008-2020 and had seen a common industry practice amongst both catering businesses, event halls, and restaurants as well. Endless amounts of food are thrown into the garbage that was prepared on that same day and written off as hazardous, or unsafe, unethical to provide it to homeless or people in need or even the employees themselves who had served the food to customers or guests, More than the Majority of food is thrown away everyday of every passing year because of the legal note that its a liability risk while provisions had not been made to allow simple agreements for the distribution of this food by being made acceptable to feed to a person by simple safety food consumption standards that address that the person is willing to eat food that has been properly managed, stored, and transported within said day of preparation. All the while its of no great declaration of pronounce importance to defend or protect people from taking a vaccination that the government themselves warn is not within the confines of having responsibility over the effects or answer to consequential results on the population, or at least there having been raised enough awareness that yes, there is general agreement that it may not be safe, honestly.
So feeding people food, somehow too risky, and we have to remain on the obvious elephant in the room notion that yes, endless amounts of food is going to waste which is creating this entire problem to begin with due to some enterprising monopolies not wanting to let go of a dollar, better yet their monopolies on the food itself, regardless of its worth and value.
And at the same time we create a land developing agricultural system that is more for the sake of its owners profit of excessive abundance or wealth. So the people, the land including the ocean and fresh water, and animals that are raised are all being made disposable subject of exploitation and abuse for the ambition of some prideful men and women, that may say otherwise than its for vanity.

Because in all truth it is.

The point is that the Sabbath was placed for our own good, for the reason that we may not lose the plot to life into a ever escalating crescendo that ends in disaster.

There are those who see it fit to destroy Gods Holy Creation while making their political movements claiming that they are in favor of doing what is good for the planet and its people and animals. But since when is there no liars on the face of the earth, rumors, and the use of sensationalism which have compromised the biggest news establishments for journalism in character and affiliation as to what they do, and to what agenda under the pretense that its to report truth.

I don't mean to bring this up but we're on a christian forum and somehow were suppose to deny the existence of evil. Whether it be of man, supernatural, or even the nature of consequence as having a evil result due to responsibilities being misused and misdirected while blaming the innocent in the matter as being the culprit simply because of being involved by the hand of the ones who had done it, more specifically with the intention to do so.

The Sabbath was made for man, which is why we respect it. Because its for our sake.
When Jesus was confronted by pharisees stating that His disciples must follow tradition or pay a penalty for being unlawful by grabbing a kernel of corn as He passed through a field and considered it theft, or healing in the synogogue and calling it blasphemy.
It becomes clear the hyporcrisy that was being presented by pharisees.

Today's situation is more complex in nature due to our misdirection in guidelines. Given they were not given by men for some effort to insult a man's intelligence and have him work for unprofitable gain under a ruze of being somehow worthwhile. But for the very sake of benefiting all.

In the year that land isn't developed, the soil and land is allowed to recover and replenish its fertility,
the animals are given a time of living for the sake of being alive and not property,
and people are given a time to re establish their priorities and contemplation in relationship with their people, families and the Lord.

The Sabbath, a day of respect in God's presence who's purpose is not to commemorate Him but for the very welfare and benefit to us, His creation. it may be a day or a year, or land in a seventy year cycle but the point is that it exist for a very real reason. And the reason is God. Not in word, but in truth. And to answer the question finally, that people so try to misdirect, No, Its not all about Him, Its about His message as well, and about us, His creation.

Love God
Love Jesus
God bless.

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Re: The Ethics of The Sabbath
« Reply #1 on: February 14, 2022, 07:55:52 PM »
We are saved through faith in Jesus, not by obedience to one part of the ten commandments.
Jesus, talking to the woman at the well, showed us that ritual was meaningless when he said we are to worship in spirit and in truth.
Paul further clarified this when he slated those who stressed the need to follow Jewish rituals and holy days etc.

As Christians we seek to follow Jesus, we seek to show our love by our obedience to his commands.

Even those who stress keeping the sabeth, do not keep the sabbath.
The command was do No work, not even cooking, how many cook there Sabbath meals on Friday, lay them out to eat on the Sabbath and wash them up on Sunday?

Do they make other people work on the Sabbath, power, tv, internet, water etc etc what happened to the command that included servants and aliens?

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