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Different Concepts...
« on: October 06, 2020, 11:08:41 PM »

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We were discusing what it was that different in concept between a certain Christian group and myself and my Mum. Sometimes I can see things where others can't and vice versa.

You know where you see a group where you can't fault what they do because they are doing what they feel is right and for them it is right, but they keep trying to mould you to be like them because they can't see that there are more parts to the body of Christ? And even though they know the scriptures, it has not sank down into their spirit so there is a hidden conflict between them and us due to the different concepts of belief?

While my Mum and I were chatting about this as due to the virus we are all having to live together despite the differences of our calling...  My mother was trying to define the differences. I saw what the difference was. The group is led and takes teachings from a Messanic Jew who is a very nice man. Now the differences are that his routes in the faith stem around his Jewish background. He has quite an insight and is good at describing the Jewish concepts.
However my Mum and I are Gentiles. We are not called to live like a Jew but are grafted in by Jesus. The different callings clash on certain topics.
A perfect example. The Jews who live the Jewish ways will have their Sabbath on a saturday. They have a Shabat meal on the friday night. This meal is looking forward to the coming Messiah. The difference is that we have the Messiah. We are under a New Covenant. The early Christians broke away from the traditions of the saturday Sabbath and took their Sabbath on a sunday so that all could meet in the same temple and not have conflicting views.
Conflicting views? Well. Let me give a perfect example. The Jews will want to bring others into salvation by example. So they do good and help others (Nothing wrong with that by any means). They do not believe in the concept of fighting demons because it is a New Covenant calling.  The New Covenant Christians have a difference of calling in that they now have the capability of directly fighting against demons and they are called to do so. Their whole battle is in the spiritual realm. Many churches are somewhere inbetween the two and while they recognize that they are under a New Covernant, and they talk the talk, they are stuck in a continual loop of "Boot camp training" where their trainers don't even realize there is more! It is like they are still on the first New Covernant page. There is nothing wrong with this first page but somehow they are stuck and eventually become dead in a spiritual sense. They go through the motions. Say the right thing at the right time but get stuck in the religion of it all.
So what is this New Covernant life all about. I mean.. How does one fight in the spiritual realm when one does not even know how? Why do they not know how? Because the ones who teach them do not even know how. I have heard church leaders (Whatever their denominations call them... In my example it was a pastor) say "Let us enter into spiritual warefare" but their prayer has got nothing to do with commanding spirits. They pray yes, but it is not warefare at all. Why. Because they do not understand what warfare actually is. (And there was nothing wrong with the prayer itself that the pastor gave but it was more that the church congregation may have also not understood what spiritual warefare is).
So what is warefare. How does one get involved?
First of all we may get the bit where we must be born again. Some may not get this yet so I will explain.
It is when we surrender our hearts to Jesus. We accept Him as our Lord and Saviour. It is when we pray "Jesus. I am a sinner. Come into my heart and change me!"
It is when we confess with our mouths and believe in our hearts that Jesus died on the cross, and rose from the dead... That He became the sacrifice for US. That He paid the price for OUR sin. That we now follow Jesus as He is Lord!
It is when we realize this and pray and turn to Jesus on a personal level like this and it has hit us not just on a personal level but on a spiritual level too, that when we accept Jesus into our hearts, we become born again! It is out with the old and in with Jesus! It is not knowing where He will take us from here but we simply say "You lead Lord, and we will follow!"

But what about the spiritual battles? Ah. I was coming to that! There is more... So much more! There is baptizm of the Holy Spirit.
Now many of you may have been bapiized but how many of you recieved the Holy Spirit?  How many of you have started using the spiritual gifts as the Holy Spirit leads you?
You will not be engaging into spiritual warefare without the leading of the Holy Spirit. If you try you will be doing it in the flesh and it will fail. The Holy Spirits job is to train you and equip you so you will be an effective part of the body of Christ. If you try without the Holy Spirit.... Remember the scriptures where the demon said "I know Jesus. I know Paul. But who are you?"... and the demon turned on the ones who had tried to cast it out without them being used by the Holy Spirit.
One does not just march bravely ahead and go into battle. One waits for the command!
And when one has prayed and recieved the baptizm of the Holy Spirit, then the Holy Spirit can equip you and train you to go into battle! And there are different spiritual gifts... And don't go into battle without ones armour!
And finally... Remember. An army has different people with different callings. Though there are different callings, no one is higher then another. But be aware that not everyone is called to do the same thing. Be led by the Holy Spirit and the Word Of God!

Christianstogether ~ Bringing Christians together

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