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A few of the things revealed to me during my Journey.
« on: July 28, 2020, 10:37:37 AM »

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Alexander Pope penned some very perceptive words when he wrote, "The most powerful magnifying glasses in the world are a man's own eyes when they look upon his own person.?  We are asked to understand the poverty of our existence but that is not easy but when we possess  the humility to acknowledge our true worth in this world and then come to understand our true value in God's world then we are truly blessed.

The time to speak comes rarely but the time for doing never departs.  Remember the plank and the speck of sawdust. 

There is one kind of religion in which the more devoted a person is the fewer followers they make ? the Worship of Self. 

We cannot be alone with God by driving others away from us.

The Way, the Truth and the Life is not to be found in the Bible unless it leads to a relationship with Christ. 

Heed not our feelings but instead we must do our duty. Visit friends, be courteous to all, even sweeping a room clean; for all duty when offered to God is divine service and a vital part of that service is loving and helping our neighbour but we must not choose which neighbour to love for we are to love all: regardless.

To have himself, to know himself, to enjoy himself, this will many call life, whereas if he would only forget himself then infinitely magnified would be his life in God.   

Hate the sin but love the sinner. How exactly does that work?  We hate sin by recognizing it for what it is, by refusing to take part in it and condemning it as contrary to God's Will. Sin is to be hated, not excused or taken lightly.  We love sinners by showing them respect 1 Peter 2: 17.  Praying for them 1 Timothy. 2: 1. and witnessing to them of God.
It is a true act of love for us to treat someone with respect and kindness even though we do not approve of their lifestyle or sinful choices.
If you ask Jesus how we should live our life He will tell us to love the Lord our God with all our heart, with all our strength and with all our mind and to love others as we love our self.

A man is lord of his will and is at fault when remembering a duty and does not do it but puts it off and forgets it. 

A good work done is of more consequence than all unfulfilled intentions. 

Jesus in communion with our inmost being will, if we so desire, change us until in every thought and deed we are like Him; unselfish; neighbourly; brotherly and full of love for God and for others.

Ambition is the desire to be above others.

Sin is not only unknown in Heaven it is unknowable.

The love of neighbour is the only door out of the dungeon of self.

It needs clean hands to have a pure heart.

Looking back.. Lot's wife..  pillar of salt.  Do not look back.  Remember what Jesus said in Luke 9:62, "Anyone who puts a hand to the plough and then looks back is not fit for the Kingdom of God"

Life on earth is the training ground for the eternal.

God will not force any door to enter.

God withholds that man might ask.  We must wait until we ask for things so that we know from where they came.

Does God care more for suns and planets than for His children.. Hardly for these things are but a part of His workshop and tools for the bringing forth of righteous men and women to fill His house of Love.

Whoever will live eternally must cease to be a slave to sin and become a child of God through Christ Jesus.  There is no halfway house; there is no Heaven with even a little hell in it. 

We must become loving, forgiving, lowly, penitent, self-refusing and thereby receiving the son-ship and learning to cry through Christ, Abba, Father.

Parables reveal eternal truths to the live conscience but not necessarily to the keenest intellect.

Aloneness is the preoccupation with self....

John 1:12   ?Yet to all who did receive him, to those who believed in his name, he gave the right to become children of God.?-
Never could we have known the heart of the Father and never felt it possible to love Him as sons but for Him who bridged the gulf that yawned between us, for in and through Christ we were ordained to the son-ship.

Man often finds it difficult to get what he want from God because he does not want the best. God sometimes finds it hard to give because He would only give the best and man will not always take it.

If we do the will of God then eternal life is ours, and this is no mere continuity of existence for that is worthless.  Eternally we will possess a being that is one with the Essential Life.  In simple terms we will become a part of God whilst retaining our individuality. Revelation 2: 17.

The Divine Fire of God which is His Essential Being, His love, His creative power, is not like earthly fire in that it is only at a distance it burns and the farthest we are from its source the worse it burns.

All that is not God is death.

There are those who would rather receive salvation from God than for God to be their salvation.

There are those who are so busy studying Christianity they fail to find Christ.

Not to belittle science but its discoveries are much less precious than the simplest gifts of God's creation which minute by minute we unthinkingly take for granted.  The sound and sight of a clear bubbling stream are far beyond the reach and understanding of science.

Uncertainties are the messengers of the living God to the honest.  They are the first ring of the phone about things that are not yet but have to be understood and they are what we first experience when we look into any region hitherto unknown and unexplored.
We should no longer think what we whould like to do but what would the Living One have us do.

The love that is born in us is our salvation from selfishness and the very essence of righteousness.

True Faith is obedience.  It is the leaving of our ways, our possessions, our self.  It is the departing from trust in men, in money, in opinion, in ambition.  It is doing as God tells us.

As Christians there can be no life for any of us other than the same life Jesus had. As His disciples we must live by the same absolute devotion of will to the Father's:  then and only then can our life be one with the life of the Father.

I fear only that being able to see I should fail in my witness; to be just a talker and just an arguer about truth.

Far higher will the doing of the least and most insignificant duty raise us.

There is no water in hydrogen, neither is there water in oxygen.  Instead it comes bubbling fresh from the imagination of the Living God who combined them both to give mankind the life giving H2O.  Let us then consider the maker of hydrogen and oxygen and then the inventor of water and thirst that we might see just a little of what we might eventually find in our lives with God.

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Re: A few of the things revealed to me during my Journey.
« Reply #1 on: July 28, 2020, 10:58:40 AM »
Thank you, @Derel1955.

In Christ Jesus,
Our risen and glorified
Saviour, Lord and Head.

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