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Wake up to whats happening.
« on: June 05, 2019, 08:32:29 PM »
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There is of course a good mixture of people and some can see what is happening in the world, with the increasing evil. Others simply just cannot see it and think the evil is good.
No amount of explaining, no amount of reasoning can ever explain it because it is a spiritual perception from the Holy Spirit, especially with born again christians. Like the ones that people laugh at and look down on, just like Noah.
I can give many more specific details and explain precisely why there is a growing evil but I could be looked upon as getting some kick out of it. That is
absolutely not true. There are examples that have been described in this forum of the growing evil and descriptions from  by my own observations. I am gob smacked.
I have written some  observations down but have not included all of them. These include:
Young children taught transgender issues and encouraged to transgend. That can harm them physically and psychologically but all psychological blame is going onto those who oppose it, when the blame is with those who gave such perverse ideas in the first place. They are encouraged into premaritial sex, homosexual sex, infidelity, promisciosity even before puberty. There will be more aggression, hatred, extremism, corruption, and behaviour fitting what was once crime but becoming accepted as normal, especially in sexual abuse. Thats because children and the vulnerable will be groomed, manipulated and forced into the sexual way of thinking with no self control and endorsed by politics. Its important to note that Aids and HIV has not been defeated and these issues should be discussed and deepen concern and warrant prayer and action.
This is extremely serious. These sexual issues are now endorsed by politics and in education for young children and its very immature to say christians are making judgements. These are very serious and growing concerns that need to be addressed. The victims need support.
Adults, children, the authoritys and politicians are being forced and manipulated into the movement and are punished if they do not go along with it. Any view  that is not completely going along with them is viewed as Nazism, as I have seen from my own observations. Even staying quiet is starting to be noticed and persecuted. Common sense and the healthy balance is rapidly going and in comes a warped and corrupt way of thinking. As now  faith in God is growing cold and morals are defined by the public and they are not looking to God now for the morals. Of course there are different opinions . Another huge concern is:
There are transgender men now dressed as women, endorsing the law now to visit and teach preschool children transgender in nurseries and librarys.
Its all under  awareness for LGBT under the guise of  individuals being true to themselves and their feelings. Very recently grooming and sexual crimes were seen  as horrendous they are now becoming seen as going with your feelings and are sucked in. Its very sad but many are just going with it and the overly sex mad world. Being influenced and even forced to following their lusts and are given more and new unimaginable lusts, as it says how it will be in the bible. Breaking marriages, families, loyalties and for disgusting evil practices.
The clothes industry is designing very vile and highly sexually provokative  clothes for transgender men and of a highly sexual style beyond any scope of the imagination. This is the height of evil.
Its not about being sensitive to individuals and including them as it may seem st the surface. Its really  about turning into wild beasts, as says in the bible.
I once was sensitive to LGBT individuals but all this does is to lead to  them changing the world and FORCING everyone to comply to despicable lusts and immorality. To call christianity evil and force people to not speak the Word Of God.
Seriously our sensitivity should be to God. The described  sensitivity is a  disguise of LGBT ,to  cover up the spread of  evil and we should all wake up and see how vile it is and be concerned.

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