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The Circle Of Commercialism.
« on: February 04, 2019, 12:57:13 AM »

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We earn money to spend on things we get tempted to buy that need other things to help them run that need more money to be earned to run them. Great for the commercial world but not for those who find themselves trapped in it.
Such items that fit in this catagory are things like mobile phones and gadgets, dishwashers, washing machines... All the things which are a luxurious help but are not needed to function in life. Ask yourself, if the time spent to earn the money to buy and run the product was spent in completing the process manually, would it be financially better to do it manually (The old ways) or financially better to do it the modern way?
We often think the modern methods are time savers, but are they when some of them take more time to earn the money (Along with the taxes) then if we spent an hour or two at home instead and had done the job manually.
Think of this. One can write a letter and send it. The letter will cost 50p (Current costs) to send it and as one can make envilope oneself, and ink pens are cheap, the total cost can be around 60p.
Now let us consider the costs of running the internet and paying for a computerized device to use with it. One pays a standing charge to keep the telephone line open, and then one pays a small fortune per year with broadband. Ones internet device costs hundreds of times more then pens and ink, maybe even thousands of times more. Several pages of information can be sent for 60 pence when the real costs of the internet technology can be many times more, as one has to pay for the internet 24/7, where one doesn't pay for manual postage that one doesn't actually use. Suddenly the manual method starts to gain great value. The work involved to deliver each letter is a bargain.
Now here is wisdom and here is foolishness.
Wisdom says that these gadgets are fine if we can aford them, but if we can't it is foolish to get into debt to pay for things we don't need. (I have heard people get into great debts to pay for non essential luxuries. Why? Its like the man who gets a loan to buy a Ferrari to drive just half a mile to work, and spends the rest of his life paying for the stupid decision he made and the stresses of a prison sentence if he does not keep up with his payments. Why didn't he buy a bicycle or at the most a secondhand little car?)

Here we get to the gist of the issue. Commercialism works on social pull and pride of posession. It does not mean one fully owns the posession as if one is in debt, the posession(s) are not owned until the debts are fully paid off. Now if one is wize, one only buys what one needs, and then with any leftover money one then looks at the luxuries of life. What is a luxury or an essential item depends upon ones circumstances, but I would like to suggest that we are well blessed with luxuries in the western world.  Use them while one has them but don't rely on them.
As to working out what is the best way to do a certain task, evaluate the task to see. Washing dishes by hand does not take long. True, a dishwasher is more convenient. But all the cleaning tablets and the costs of the electricity, not to mention the machine itself... Would one be caught in a commercial circle of work to run and own the machine that is supposed to save time when one ends up stressed out and overworked and not have a clue why... When all one had to do is a few minutes work after the meal to get the job done and save oneself stress and work...
So as marvelous as modern machines are, are they worth the extra effort to keep them? Yes if we need to do a task in bulk, as this is where a machine makes more sense., so if one is in a commercial position get the machine, but at home? Probably not depending on its application.

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Re: The Circle Of Commercialism.
« Reply #1 on: February 04, 2019, 12:07:38 PM »
Apart from moaning is there a point to your post?
What are you advocating?
We all could live much simpler lives and give far more cash away. We all could do far more in living in obedience to Jesus, but we don't.
Where would you suggest stopping having a simpler lifestyle, at the Amish legal, banning zips electricity and motorcars!
I don't know about you but living in a simpler way sounds attractive, but who in your household would be doing all the hard backbreaking work, and would your work place also be as simple?


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Re: The Circle Of Commercialism.
« Reply #2 on: February 05, 2019, 07:07:44 AM »
 @Carpenters Son.  Thats a good point that some modern devices cost a lot of money and do they really save our energy when in a different way people are labouring for them and the indirect costs. When a more simple life was less complicated. The electronic system has brought about so many other problems and is supposed to make life easier.
@John the post had nothing to do with moaning. That looks like a  very negative and unkind reply from you. You made your valid points in wanting  the form filled by the 31st jan and when some of us did fill it in, you said nothing at all. It would be nice to see a positive response from you, to encourage each other.

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