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Can Christians Drink Alcohol? Here’s What 1,000 Protestant Churchgoers Think

(UPDATED) Most say the Bible doesn’t ban booze, but they abstain anyway.

Views on Christians drinking alcohol have stayed steady among Protestant churchgoers over the past decade, according to a new study.

While 41 percent of Protestant churchgoers say they consume alcohol, 59 percent say they do not, according to a survey released today by Nashville-based LifeWay Research.

In a 2007 phone survey, LifeWay found 39 percent of Protestant churchgoers said they consume alcohol while 61 percent said they do not.

Gallup surveys over the last 75 years have typically shown that two-thirds of all American adults have occasion to drink alcoholic beverages, including 63 percent in 2018.

“While alcohol consumption continues be seen as mainstream in the United States, churchgoers’ attitudes about drinking haven’t changed much in the past decade,” said Scott McConnell, executive director of LifeWay Research.

Almost 9 in 10 of churchgoers (87%) agree that Scripture says people should never get drunk. That’s up from 82 percent in 2007.

But when it comes to total abstinence, fewer than a quarter (23%) of Protestant churchgoers believe Scripture indicates people should never drink alcohol. A majority (71%) disagree.

The share of churchgoers who say Scripture teaches against any kind of alcohol consumption has decreased six percentage points over the last decade. In 2007, 29 percent said Scripture directs people to never drink alcohol; 68 percent disagreed.

When Christians drink socially, many churchgoers believe they could cause other believers to stumble or be confused. In 2017, 60 percent agree and 32 percent disagree. (The portion who say drinking socially could cause others to stumble dropped slightly from 63 percent in 2007.)

Researchers also found slightly more than half of churchgoers ...

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Source: Can Christians Drink Alcohol? Here’s What 1,000 Protestant Churchgoers Think

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What was the origigin of this condition ?

It goes to the heart ...  as society more and more is money oriented - it becomes about success and less about value and family..morals..

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Can Christians drink alcohol? Sure they can. All they need is to open their mouths and pour it in.
Should Chriatians drink alcohol? Probably not such a good idea. Keep it reserved for special events like weddings and the like. :)

The Bible condemns drunkenness. However it instructs that strong drink is for those who have had some sort of shock. (I don't recall the scripture. Proverbs?
It also says to drink a little wine for your stomaches sake.

Alcohol is not to be taken regularly or with the purpose of getting drunk.

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The answer is not 'yes we can'. The answer is we must.

This is about a very strange and peculiar aspect of American culture, not about religion.
Quote from: Goaty

Alcohol is not to be taken regularly or with the purpose of getting drunk.
Unfortunately you have no scriptural evidence for that. If you want to give your opinion it would be fairer to tell us it's your opinion, wouldn't it?

Ecclesiastes 9:7
Go, eat your bread with joy, and drink your wine with a merry heart, for God has already approved what you do.

Jesus attended wedding feasts. He created wine for people to drink in a non-religious context. He approved of its use for celebration. He said, 'do this in memory of me.' And he gave his disciples wine. There's no ambiguity there.

We are instructed to drink alcohol by Jesus.

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