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Elijah (1 Kings: 17)
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The first thing to say is that Elijah represented God's power/judgment/authority over His people as a whole (Elisha represented God's grace/mercy more to the individual). At this time Israel were in the worst possible condition; "..and Ahab did more to provoke the Lord God of Israel to anger than all the kings of Israel before him" (1 Kings 16:33), the people were consumed with idolotry. Elijah (meaning Jehovah is God) was a Tishbite (a stranger in the land), who was initially sent by God to inform Ahab that there would be a famine, for some time, in the land; because of their sin.Not only was this to be a physical famine, but also a "spiritual famine"; the word "hide" in chapter 17:3 means absent yourself. There was to be no searching for God or prophetic word in Israel. It is interesting to note, therefore, that God didn't place Elijah somewhere nearby, or in a wealthy person's house, where he could enjoy relative comfort, but into the wilderness to live by a brook that was fast receding. He informed Elijah that he would be fed by ravens. How amazing is that? There is a famine in the land, food is scarce. Rational thinking would suggest that ravens, being scavengers, would eat the food themselves or to feed their young. The power of God to alter the natural way of thinking/behaviour, even of the smallest/basic of creatures. Elijah didn't question God's will towards him, but duly obeyed the command. This is a good thing to remember ourselves, that God's ways are different from ours, nothing is beyond His capabilities, and He rewards those who do His will.

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Re: Elijah (1 Kings: 17)
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Good stuff [I loves bible study]

I did a study on the kerith ravine  upon a time ...  let me find it.

O one of those instances where my mempory is better than the 1faith search @ the bottom of the forum..

Either that or I have recreated it in my mind since that time..

I know I did one on Elijah and the kerith ravine -  but I can only find = duh

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I know it was on the "online book"

ahh anyway - goos stuff..

Maybe what is on my mind has not yet been conveyed [who knows]

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