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Re: Globle warming
« Reply #56 on: February 23, 2019, 04:23:46 PM »
As much as everyone does their bit. As much as governments and scientists do their bit. Its not going to resolve the earth being destroyed.
I would suggest praying to God..For the problem is more than humankind can deal with.
I personally would pray that my heart aligned with the will of God and what is his vision for us. For we know the outcome of this earth.
School children protested didnt they. They said there is no planet B. Only are we not told there will be a new heavens and earth and Jesus is Saviour and Redeemer and shouldn't our focus be on that, seeing as we were told the future.

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Re: Globle warming
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Amazing that the people of today are speaking about the planet, in terms of the threat of it being destroyed and they do not realise that this was foretold thousands of years ago. Luke 21:11Whereby in the former centuries no one spoke in those terms about saving the planet.
Many of them too scoff at the second coming of Christ and deny God created us and the world.
They speak about the coming destruction in a misguided way that fits other philosophies and not the biblical truth. 2 Peter 3:10-12 2 Peter 3:3
As if its only for mankind to resolve. Only just as we cannot make ourselves sinless. We also cannot resolve the environmental issues of the world either. But to look to our Redeemer Christ.
Coming back to the people of today. They look at progression but in that often increasingly deny God.
Do they ever consider there are different ways of looking at progression. For instance its acknowledged that the internet has replaced more healthier social communications and leisure time
 Especially for children. Its acknowledged houses, clothes, entertainment, music, comedy and films were better. Easier to find affordable homes. There were higher morals, more respect for marriage, families and for God. So how have they progressed. In many aspects they have gone backwards rather than forwards.
They however think they develop to get better and better.
I wonder the best way of presenting God to them. To change from negative to positive.
To say something like can see you are concerned about the future of the planet. Well you care but the very things you are talking about are in the bible thousands of years ago and God will provide a new heavens and earth. If you deny that God exists you are fulfilling what was foretold. Only somewhere deep down you must know he exists. Does he often get mentioned by you sometimes when you say the scene looks glorious or majestic. Do you not call out to him sometimes in desperation.
Well he is there. The Creator of this world and only he can help.
There is a global warming but not in the way mankind presents. 2 Peter 3:12 The earth will be shaken but there will be a modern day ark, being the Rock of Christ.
Needed in calm or storm in our life.
There is a message though and
In that message there is great hope in our Saviour Jesus.2 Peter 3:13-15