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[Cfamily]Why Does the Red Planet Call to Us?
« on: September 23, 2018, 01:00:08 AM »

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Why Does the Red Planet Call to Us?

What space exploration tells us about human curiosity, from Eden to Mars.

Blue is the color of Mars at sunset.From the surface, the cold, dim light of the setting sun comes in from the horizon as it competes with the ever-present dust, thick in the air. The plains of graveled hematite that were once shades of ochre and umber by day are now jet and onyx.

In the darkness, Mars may seem to be a dead planet. But in Gale Crater, there is human movement, as NASA’s Curiosity rover slowly treks its way up the shoulder of Mount Sharp.

Mars is not the dying planet sprung from the imagination of writers like Edgar Rice Burroughs and Ray Bradbury. Mars is more alive than ever—increasingly populated over the last two decades with the robot explorers of an emergent humanity, propelled by a sense of curiosity that infects our species.

Ecclesiastes 1:13 calls humanity’s curiosity about the universe both a “heavy burden” (in the NIV), but also a gift “given to human beings” by our Creator (in the NRSV). Everyone loves, but God calls us to a higher love. Everyone is curious, but God calls us to a higher form of curiosity.

Last month, after nearly two years of testing and repairs, the Curiosity rover is again drilling into Martian rock in its bid to discover whatever secrets may be hidden within. One of the keys to unlocking those secrets is an instrument the car-sized vehicle carries called the ChemCam, an onboard spectrometer that uses a laser to vaporize Martian rock and then, by reading light waves, can measure the rock’s chemical and mineral makeup.

“Exploring the universe around us is a very God-given activity—to follow our curiosity and to continue the work of exploring God’s creation that has [already] begun,” explains Roger Wiens, a scientist ...

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Re: [Cfamily]Why Does the Red Planet Call to Us?
« Reply #1 on: September 24, 2018, 12:12:13 AM »
Hiya  @TaraH

I know it's all about the atmosphere and sunlight - but wat yeah tink ?

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Re: [Cfamily]Why Does the Red Planet Call to Us?
« Reply #2 on: October 30, 2018, 02:18:23 PM »
It doesn't call to me.

I think plans for manned exploration of mars are an accident waiting to happen.
It takes 9 month to travel to Mars by the most efficient route and it is 18 months before that same route is available for a return journey so any mission will last 3 years. That is three years in confined space with the same people and no means of escaping from those people.
Three years hen the primary function of those astronauts will be high tech subsistence farmers, growing their oxygen, purifying their water and growing plants for materials, chemicals and food.

Travelling in zero g will weaken their bodies, as will the exposure to radiation. On mars they will nee protection from subzero temperatures, radiation and high winds.

Far better to send robots.

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