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Britain's Future.
« on: July 29, 2018, 12:41:21 AM »

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Regardless on Brexit or non Brexit decisions Britain is looking to drop into third world status unless things quickly change and we can start to develop many independent primary and secondary industries. It is very clear that the financial markets are not the answer for Britain's future wealth in this changing world.
What is likely to take place? Any ideas?
I believe the UK will split up into many different independently controlled areas and I very much doubt democracy will continue as every area will develop their own style of rule. Some dictatorships. Some with communism. Some with socialism, all depending on how organised or not the people will be. What is almost certain, is not to expect the current system to continue as cracks in the current system are opening up rapidly. Already we see the media rule over the government is many areas.
It is difficult to make accurate predictions, except to say not to expect anything to stay the same. I believe for those who want to be part of the EU... What EU? The EU is crumbling so fast it is difficult to see how it can continue.

Christianstogether ~ Bringing Christians together