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The lost tribes of Israel ?
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who, what and where are they and are they still lost? - wincam

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Re: The lost tribes of Israel ?
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who, what and where are they and are they still lost? - wincam
A brief answer from memory.-
After the death of Solomon, the kingdom was divided by civil war into the Northern kingdom, ten tribes ruled by Jeroboam, and the Southern kingdom of Judah and Benjamin with a portion of the Levites, ruled by Rehoboam.

From the split onwards, the scriptures tend to refer to the Northern kingdom as Israel or Ephraim, and the Southern kingdom as Judah.

Jeroboam was concerned that his citizens would always go to the Temple at Jerusalem to worship and sacrifice. So to alleviate that, he erected two golden calves, one in Samaria and the other in Bethel, saying these are your gods, do not go to Jerusalem to worship.

This was the beginning of the Northern kingdom's apostasy which ultimately led to their defeat in battle by Assyria and exile to the Euphrates area.
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