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Book Review Request
« on: March 25, 2018, 08:15:38 PM »
My name is James Rondinone. Studying and teaching the word of God has been a passion of mine for over 20 years. Recently, I have decided to publish many of the teachings that have been a part of a weekly series in the spiritual category of my local newspaper.
Name of New Book: You Are A Christian. Now, What?
Story Line: How does a Christian know what to look for when attending a church that will help them grow spiritually? If you would like to know what to look for, then this book is the one for you.
Project Summary: Read the manuscript (116 pages) and leave a review on Amazon when the manuscript is published. The manuscript has been submitted to the publisher and is still in the Manuscript Review process. In the meantime, I will send you the unformatted version. When the book is published I will send you an email copy and remind you to leave a review.
Compensation ? Copy of e-book (epub/mobi/PDF) when the manuscript is published.
Contact me and let me know if you are interested in reading the manuscript: jamesrondinonepublications[email protected]