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[Cfamily]Behaving Like Children or Chimps?
« on: March 04, 2018, 12:00:28 AM »

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Behaving Like Children or Chimps?

Psychology study offers insight on why Jesus calls us to be like children.

Throughout childhood and adolescent years, children spend hours role-playing their dream careers, observing the lives of their older siblings, and longing to grow up. As they venture through their suspended reality, waiting for “real life” to begin, so many of their sentences are prefaced with “When I grow up ...”

But in Scripture, Jesus presents a retrograde picture of age. Rather than calling children to become more like adults, he makes the sobering and puzzling claim that “anyone who will not receive the kingdom of God like a little child will never enter it” (Mark 10:14–15). What about a child’s attitude is so precious to our Savior? There are certainly multiple facets to what Jesus meant when he called us to be like little children. But one implication could be that we should imitate the way that children learn by imitating. Perhaps a psychology study on children and chimps—also expert imitators—can give us more insight.

How chimps and children imitate

The study begins with a puzzle box and the knowledge that both chimps and children love sweet treats. In the first part of the experiment, researchers Victoria Horner and Andrew Whiten from Emory University present an opaque, black box to a chimpanzee and show it how to use a stick to retrieve a candy reward from the box. They first tap the top, slide the attached lever to reveal an opening, and tap inside the opening. Next, they come to the side of the box, open up a trap door, and retrieve the candy with the stick.

Now, it’s the chimpanzee's turn. Taking the stick, the chimp confidently mimics the experimenter. Tap, slide, tap. Come to the side of the box, open the lever, and retrieve the candy. The ...

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Source: Behaving Like Children or Chimps?

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Re: [Cfamily]Behaving Like Children or Chimps?
« Reply #1 on: March 05, 2018, 02:12:52 AM »
I don.t know , do animals have spirits  !

I  have never known anyone haunted by an animal / apart from a demon looking like an an  animal or a deceased person trying to cling onto  this life..

It certainly seems as if animals have a spirit like ours .....

I don't know - do we now add insects ....

Do insects have free will l?

If the they do then can they make a descision to follow  Christ !

wow....... did Jesus really die to redeem all creation !

Wow - are insects and animals - really serving me ?

Well it seems  - the air I breathe is serving me and giving me life...

It seems , the sun is lettimg me live ...

It seems the  moon has a part to play in my living [although these have no free will]

Wow it seems as if these things are [cleaning my feet and are my servants]

There seems to be a point when free will - becomes God Will and where life loses it's will....

Now ask "does a chimp have a free will?"

What kind of free will does a chimp  have ? ...

 Well if they are serving you - then they are simply fulfilling scripture and are saved by doing what they were born to do...

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Re: [Cfamily]Behaving Like Children or Chimps?
« Reply #2 on: March 05, 2018, 03:14:07 AM »
Being born with no choice - but to live in the world you are born in .... how do you differ from a chimp ?

And how does your serving Christ differ from the natural world serving Christ and you !

I mean what is your worth compared too..

If you see yourself above - then how do you serve above ?

Being that those who are above you are those that serve you !

Now the earth is serving you as is the moon  and sun [which have no will]

Obviously you have to bring God into this equation to make this topic make sense and only humans have this ability [animals do not - nor insects]  the only thing still left standing is creation - created by God - but denied by humans..

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