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Re: Research into Religious Experience and Revelation
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Re: Research into Religious Experience and Revelation
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I say "Visions" because they are in work hours- while awake ... and I would usually speak of dreams as dreams.

Although as in Job 33:15  -Job describes them as "visions of the night"

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Re: Research into Religious Experience and Revelation
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Okay - let me give you another example [I'm not  trying to confuse you]

One day I was moderating being an admin in an onlne  chat site and someone "who I did not know" messaged me....

She spoke about a guy and I began to learn to do a new thing "which was to just type and let God speak"

Now I a offering you visions that are very close to words/pictures... or should we say "parables"

While  typing - I saw a ship or something travelling over water /[it turned out that this lady lived in australia]

And so I began just tying and hoping that God would give me the words.... [picture]

So my message to her was ... "he will try to travel overseas - but he will not have the money - a friend will lend him the money so that he will be able to visit you"

After this I thought "wow God is going to bring these two people together" thinking now in the flesh....

I met her a few months later and she said "he came to visit me although  he could not afford it ... a friend lent him the money [as I live in australia]

he came to our house - but he has issues and I had to stop him visiting us - he has now left and returned to the UK ...

So I am giving you an example of words being typed out - with no foreknowledge of the outcome and more words than visions  or dreams...  this is what Jesus did with parables - by speaking in image form...

Of cause the difference between my word and God's word -was that he knew the outcome and I was stunned ...after all - why would God give me this word - when it seemed to have  no purpose apart from telling this person "what. would happen"|....

I thought she would at least marry this person and live happily ever after ....but God was simply happy with to communicate  with her

He was happy to tell her that this man would visit her and that he would travel over a sea and that he would not have the money - but a friend would lend the money....

I was simply using my new method of just typing to see what happened and - the outcome happened as predicted...

Now I giving you an illustration - not of dreams and visions - but simply typing/words and allowiing God  to speak through words - that become pictures/dreams/visions/

One thing I have learnt over the years - and a great  lesson , I am like a child learning and my typing became reality - but not in the way I expected.

So I would suggest you focus on  visions/dreams and words/   

During those years I just typed and God spoke / other times I would dream and other times I would have visions ...  in the bible this is what Jesus did "when he spoke parables/pictures"

By accident - this was last sunday's message at my Church...

As God spoke through His Words through parables/pictures/  there always seems to bring confrimation and God always seems to repeat Him self - so that we get the message...

So finally - wow get visions /get dreams/ get words / but just type and see how God speaks ...  God's  Words are  the core of visions and dreams/ it is simply God speaking .

Now stand back and see God speak through a picture..  you need daylight - but God does not.

In the same way "you take a picture" and God speaks to any people through it.. He now speaks through words /through a picture/dream/ vision/...

The biggest difference here is that photos are of a past event and are still images...

Whereas God's Word is alive and Living....

He takes pictures of things that will happen - before they happen...

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Re: Research into Religious Experience and Revelation
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So to continue to help you [I don't know if I am helping]

Visions are more like "Videos" they can play over and over again or they can play for hours or days or weeks [until you get the
message and convey that message]

The vision of the eagle was so real - that I coud see it's feathers rustling in the wind - I could see it's eyes
reflecting the light, I could see it moving around, in fact it was more real than "normal sight"

The dreams are also like videos - but not quite so life like - but actually convey far more information.

Then you have [what I call] pictures - like instant photos or snapshots...

I will give you an example of pictures or instant photos ....they happen within a short time- seconds and occur within
seconds ...

One evening I was moderating a chat site and it was full with some sixty members and sudenly someone logged in...

Instantly - I had a picture of a Vine growing up and received "stay in the Vine"

I messaged this person and said "I have a word for you/picture/ stay in the Vine and gave them a scripture - which was
John 15:5  "I am the vine; you are the branches. If you remain in me and I in you, you will bear much fruit; apart
from me you can do nothing.

He replied "you know my wife has just left me and the only thing that has been keeng me going is John 15:5 - because

I know  I must remain in Him....

He recommitted his life that day - because God had spoken - and he was relying /holding onto the Word.

I will give you another example of an instant photo or picture....

One evening I was moderating this chat site and a person messaged me....

She said "I hear you have visions" I replied ... and suddenly just had an image of a rose" [this was an instant image/picture]

I replied "does a rose mean anything to you?"

Now I had no idea - that this lady had lost her  family in a car accident and that she thought
she was battling cancer and was searching for answers....

Wthin a few minutes she finnaly replied "yes my mother used to pick roses from our back garden and put them in my hair
and tell me how beautiful I was .... I instsntly replied - God is saying that you are like that red rose and you are
beautiful to Him - like that red rose .

She comitted her life that day to the Lord Jesus - as He had spoken into her life...

But I want to add that she later found that she did not have cancer ..and her results where nill - whether she contiued
 with God after that time is another story and image...

And so  have given you Visions that can last for hours /days/weeks/ and words that can do the same/and instant pictures

that speak into peoples lives ....

These images /pictures/words / often have an instant affect - as they speak into a person and peole have to
respond ...

Let me know if you want more

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Re: Research into Religious Experience and Revelation
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Questions on the Knight vision:

O goodness - what a lot of questions !

Question =  What time of day/year was it?  = about 4pm

 Question = - What was the weather like in the vision? =  sunny

Do you have any idea where the battlefield was (even a guess)? = it was in this guys life and he would have related it too   Ephesians 6:10-18

Question =  - Why were they fighting?  = the enemy = darkness/devil/forces of evil

Question =  - Who was fighting?  = [color]enemy against the knight

Question =  - What time period do you think this occurred in? = any time period - as it is God speaking in the now /today/ but at that time it was meant for that person [who had seen the vision many years earlier [not forgetting that God lives outside of time and can speak into peoples lives [at any time in history]

Question =  - Who was the knight? Roughly how old? What nationality/ethnicity/religion? -in this vision it ws for this person on that day and he was UK =British and Christian..

Question =  - Why wasn't he fighting?  well the armour of God also comes with a defence which is a sword Ephesians 6:17

Question =  - What was his significance (why was the vision about him in particular)? he was battling for his life at this time /later to take his own life - God drew me into his life through the try to help him

Question =  - What kind of armour was he wearing? = is again    Ephesians 6:11-18 New International Version (NIV)

11 Put on the full armor of God, so that you can take your stand against the devil?s schemes. 12 For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms. 13 Therefore put on the full armor of God, so that when the day of evil comes, you may be able to stand your ground, and after you have done everything, to stand. 14 Stand firm then, with the belt of truth buckled around your waist, with the breastplate of righteousness in place, 15 and with your feet fitted with the readiness that comes from the gospel of peace. 16 In addition to all this, take up the shield of faith, with which you can extinguish all the flaming arrows of the evil one. 17 Take the helmet of salvation and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God.

Question =  - Was he looking at you? If not, where was he looking? =]he was looking for help on the web and in a chatroom - but the fact is [I had never met him and never knew him [while working God gave me this vision for a man I had never met .....that evening in a busy chatroom with over 60 -70 chatters - God drew me to one person - who just happened to be the right person and who replid with the same vision that I had seen earlier that day while at work  and he described the same vision to me .

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Re: Research into Religious Experience and Revelation
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Okay let me give you one last example of visions...

They can come in many forms - vision is simply a light to our path...

Visions can can in many forms ...these days because I do not moderate a busy chat site - I tend to get general words and visions - mainly abot what the message will be on a sunday before it happens....but at times it can be personal or about general people - ..

I will now give you examples of other visons , but you may say "these are not visions"

Yes they are "they are types of vision"

I can only give you various links now - to try to understand what a vision is...

Go to :

This dream became a vision... without me knowing..

Also try and

New beginnings was simply receiving the word that would be - before it was preached - so I receie the preach before I go to Church..and receive the preach again...

Also see :

And the shoes  @

Shoes are a vision -  that I received the next day @ - except that the  pair of shoes were not a vision - but actual shoes...which I still wear to Churcg today...

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Re: Research into Religious Experience and Revelation
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I only wish  could do this more often and it's a privilege to assist you

The soldier I saw in the vision [some ten or more years ago] was standing in front of me, sideways on - he was the
 tyipcal roman centurian of biblical times..

He was standing "onguard" / guarding and not fighting [the fighting was going on around him - as in Ephesians 6:12

I did'nt see the actual fighting [was was not visible - but I could see it going on around him...   [does that make sense
?] in the same way that you can see things happening inyour life - but you cannot see the source of it.

The amzing thing about the "roman soldier vision" was that before I had the chance to share it - the person shared it
with me from years earlier.

He saw  the same roman centurian and the focus was on this one soldier [this one soldier was him/ the guy who I later found sitting at a computer screen in a chat amongst 60 - 70 other chatters.. [it's personal prophetic evangelsim] to give it a term [I just call it "God speaking"

So yes this guy was the soldier I saw - but the time of the actual "vision setting" was from roman days with the old armour...

let me know if you have any more questions   :D


PS - Sorry I forgot to add that this vision some ten or more years ago was accompanied by a word and the word was "God is going to use you in spiritual warfare and for a very unique ministry in spiritual wafare [I assumed ATT that this was the reason why this guy was going through a battle....however I did not see that he was unable to handle the problems he was facing and decided to get out of the battle.

So God was coming alongside this guy and trying to encourage through the final days of his battle [whatever that was]

The one thing that frustrated me was that God could see the whole picture -but was only giving me a part of the picture...

It is something that has frustrated me ever since - as He only gives a part / an instant picture/ why did God not tell me that this person was going to take his life ?  aAGGHHHHH.

I find the same thing now in my life as I am only given snippets of info...

It's like walking with a candle before you and you only see a limited amount of  info...

So frustrasting...

Why could I not prevent this guy taking his life ? aGGhhhhh....

God only gives small snippets of information...

I find it so  annoying and frustrating...  but then His thoughts are not mine and His ways are not mine in Isaiah 55:8-9  For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways,?   declares the Lord.

There is a scripture that states - that God will not take us beyond what we can endure....   as in 1 Corinthians 10:13

But this does take into account to attacks from supernatural powers...

There are times when God has a purpose - but the enemy has another purpose- all depending on our will...

God invited me into this guys life =- but left me with the pieces  to pick up...


I was always being frusstated as in  Romans 8:20 For the creation was subjected to frustration, not by its own choice, but by the will of the one who subjected it, in hope

they were described by Paul as "light afflictions" ....

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Re: Research into Religious Experience and Revelation
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also see extended version @   - re: knght in armour


At the time of having the "ring of fire vision" I was moderating the chat late at night and you have to remember
that these things just happend and only afterwards [would I look back and consider what happened] - I also have to
remember back over ten years ago and try to dig up the memory....

It was about 11pm at night and my eye came upon this chatter and I saw a man walking through a doorway "it looked like
a fire surrounding the doorway and this person [the person I had suddenly noticed in this chat  "had just walked through
this doorway.... now I acted upon this vision and sent a message to this person ... [knowing who it was - among some twenty -
thirty chatters] in a room

I gave him the vision and he told me that "he was only in this chat because he had had a dream and was disturbed by it"

Tte dream was that he had walked through a doorway and it was flaming with fire surrounding him]

He was in a personal message with anyone who could tell him / what the dream was about....

So here you have one person having a vision and another having a dream and the person having the vision "has the job
of telinlg the person who had the dream "what had happened"...

At some point this guy had passed through a doorway - but the trouble was he was in a country/nation/ where you could
not worship Jesus in public...

Al I could do was transfer the vison to his dream - Im afriad I could not help him with his public worship or how
 he would "now believe in  God - that did not accept God [or the worship of]

All I could do was too convey the message / vision I  was given and hope that he would find  a way ...

Okay so the actual vison was the same as the dream that this person had dreamt ... it disturbed him enough to try to
find an answer....  all I did at that point was to intercept as he tried to find a solution and pray with him - so
that he would commit his life to Jesus [hence respond to God]

Again I was frustrated that I could not help this person in his future life [but I prayed with hm - and having asked Jesus into his life- he asked "how
can I contiinue in his faith in Jesus ?]

I was frustrated that I could not help him - in a country/nation/ where the worhip of Jesus was outlawed - all I could do
was to play a simply part in his life and now others and God would have to do the rest.....

Job 4:13  - Genesis 41:1-7 -  Daniel 4:5 - indeed Joseph had a dream which changed his direction to save the child
Jesus - as in : Matthew 2:13 - indeed Paul had a night vision with Acts 16:9... and as with visons we see : Acts 9:10-11

If you have a vsion you will also find frustration and with dreams you will also - as they are limited and simply
pictures to coney a mesaage to a person - it's a bit like finding a friend and seeing into their hearts - but then having
to let go of them ...

Plus  he would have to find a way of continuing - I was simply used "to convey a message" maybe one of many...

Again - frustration occurs as I get to know people and communicate with people and hear their hearts - yet I cannot see
what happens to them or where they go on with God... after the vision....

It's like I have found a new friend and then he or she suddenly disappears...

Something I have got used to over the years...

I knew now that I would have to "become invisible" so although this person turned up many times / after that time ..

It would have to be him who made the next step . and this was very hard to do.

He would have to now begin to walk and my job was done...

After time he left that chat and was no more [ I was simply being used as an another instrument - while this guy
had to wait for the next crossroads in his life and he was now on the hands  of God  or maybe other people who
would guide him - so that he could worship Jesus ...

This is what I I found the hardest thing ... to get to know people and to let them go....

God wold give me insights into peoples hearts through visions  and I would have to let go ...

So hard to let go... my job was only to to convey a message at that time - his job was to find a way forward...

God was Sovereign  and I was simply another instrument  in his path to lead him to the Truth..

Now it was up to him and others and God.....



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