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Re: Talking out of asses
« Reply #8 on: February 15, 2018, 02:26:19 AM »
Back in 1978, God spoke to me through a billboard advertisement for Guinness!
I used it when I wrote to my parents about me recently becoming a Christian, at which they had been horrifed.

The result was that both parents came to the Lord! Afterwards, my mother always claimed that I could not have written such a letter!
When she died last year, I found it carefully wrapped up and preserved amongst her effects.

I don't think that Guinness's advertising agency intended to speak for the Lord when they came up with that advert.

Yes I get your post..thanks


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Re: Talking out of asses
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But the donkey spoke through it's mouth - I don't get this post  .... sorry.

It was a little tongue in cheek Tes apologies.  I have removed the 1 solitary word butt from my original post, it should make sense now. 

Point was no one should assume God only speaks through man when He clearly can use anything as evidenced by the Ass not only speaking but being the only one to see the Angel of the Lord, until God opened Balaam's eyes.

A little exercise in getting people to stretch their legs outside their theological boxes.