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Church Hymns
« on: January 19, 2018, 02:23:35 AM »

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Hi all.

I hope this post is in the right section?

I just want to ask this...

About 1993 I went to Sunday school for the first time (I only went because my friends did). When I entered the church it was full of singing, happy clapping music, joyful. Lots of men in shorts and sandals, sporting beards and colurful WWJD items.
The church that I go to today which is Anglican, does not have the same feel with regards to the songs. Only song that comes close is "shine Jesus Shine".

So what church hymns would they have been singing? The church was either Anglican or Pentecostal. I was about 5 at the time.

I want to make a playlist to listen to.

Thanks in advance

Romans 15:13

May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit

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Re: Church Hymns
« Reply #1 on: January 29, 2018, 11:18:10 PM »
Hi there,
This is my first post in reply on this site. I do actually cringe when I hear the description ' Happy Clappy' which reminds me of the 80's
 (1989) and Shine Jesus Shine.  After reading  Matt Redman's book on Face down worship, I  found out we clap our hands during our time of worship as an expression.  People sway, clap, dance, shout, all sorts of things when they feel the joy of the Lord in their hearts and are lifted as the Holy Spirit moves. Moving like this, raising hands, kneeling , lying face down, clapping, swaying, dancing is an outward expression of what is going on inside.

 It as great that you liked this style of worship . I often think of the tall cathedral spires which were built to point right up to God, raising peoples' eyes up to God . The beautiful buildings built hundreds of years ago with stone, wood  carvings, marble, and gold and bronze, in an attempt to show how much they respected and glorified God. Sadly not everyone sees it that way now but some of these old buildings make me think of Solomon and his building of the temple for God, how brilliant and  majestic it must have looked. He did it for God. Our bodies are our temples and I feel I should focus on what sort of place I keep for Jesus to dwell in.
 Some of those old hymns had such amazing words,some  taken from scripture. 'Thine Be the Glory' one of my favorites . 'How Great Though art', 'Make me a channel for thy peace', 'Praise My Soul the King of heaven'. When the organ belted out that last round of the chorus, it felt like the ceiling of the church was going to lift.

I also feel you should wear what you like to church. If you feel like wearing shorts, then wear them. I like the surfer look coming from Cornwall .  If you feel you should dress up for Jesus on a Sunday  then do it. I think that is respectful.  It is all about your personal relationship with your Lord and savior, it is  between you and Him.
The church I attend sing praise worship songs. Many of these are also taken from Scripture.  Here is a list of some of the ones we sing.
Hope this helps.
All who are thirsty, Brenton Brown, Glenn Robertson
This is Amazing grace Phil Wickham
Build your Kingdom Here Rend Collective
Majesty Delirious
He reigns Newsboys
Indescribable Chris Tomlin
Heart of Worship Matt Redman
Open the eyes of our hearts Lord Paul Baloche
Hosanna Paul Baloche
10,000 reasons Matt Redman
Jesus take all of me Brenton brown
God my rock Brenton Brown
Good Good father Chris Tomlin
Blessed be your name Matt Redman
Let your Glory fall Matt Redman
Better is one day in your courts Matt Redman
Mighty to save Reuben Morgan
From the inside out Lord Joel Houston
How Great is our God Chris Tomlin
Deep Cries out Bethel Music
Holy Ground Geron Davis
Hope of all the nations  Brian Doerksen
My Light house Rend Collective
In Christ Alone  Kristian Stanfill
The Joy of the Lord is My strength Rend Collective

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Re: Church Hymns
« Reply #2 on: January 30, 2018, 12:13:45 AM »

O goodness - 25 years ago !

I was going from working at a Christian publishing company and living in a flat with friends and d oing bible studiy groups
each week, Church then was a "free Church"  which was an old brethren Church.

And ten years into going to a baptist Church - now married with a new cleaning business...

So I went from singing choruses and mainly Kingsway music songs,  to singing mainly  hymns [but to be honest I spent
much of my time in sunday school and singing "childrens songs" - I had great fun singing "Father Abrahammm had many sonsss"
and "Jesus love isss veryy wonderfullll" / "from the rising of theee sunnnnn"  etc.

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Re: Church Hymns
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I like hymns. I get a bit disappointed with the modern trend to have a band or quire sing to the congregation, when it should be the congregation singing to God. We need to shift the focus towards God and not towards mankinds glory. Church is not where we should go for the weekly entertainment "High" but it should be where we go to worship together hear the Word of God spoken and after the service, spend time in fellowship before we head home. (Fellowship is not a one way conversation).
Hymns are for all to join in. One listens as one sings. They are one form of worship. There are other forms of worship as well.
We need to also guard ourselves from inviting demons into the presence of the church. I've heard such invites like "Let us enter into the spirit of worship". I ask this. Where in the Word of God is there a spirit of worship? Let me rephrase this question to clarify things a bit. What is the only spirit we should invite? The Holy Spirit.     Not the spirit of worship. Not the spirit of prayer. No other spirit except the Holy Spirit. (Dont give satan permission to take over!)

I think our hearts need to be washed and our minds cleansed by God. God needs to come first. Just us and God. Peace.

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Re: Church Hymns
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Then again see : THE HEART OF WORSHIP

As Matt redman realised - he had made worship about something diifferent [maybe something that he liked] or maybe he had become self elevated and made himself above God...[who knows ] but his heart cries out in coming back to the heart of worship -   we must worship Jesus in Spirit and Truth eg;  John 4:24.

Somebody once said to me "don't ask the Hoy Spirit into your life" you are asking other spirits into your life - well refer to Luke 11:11  .

It all depends where your heart is..

Is my heart about tradition or religion - is it about scripture without Love, is it about me using scripture to fufilll my own desires and beliefs.

Do I use scriptrue because it works for me ?

Do I worrhip only to make myself happy and joyfull.

Their are many who have used what they have learnt to have a happy life - as their were many in scriptire who did the same.

They used scripture while fulfilling their own desires eg the "pharisees"  to give an easy example -

In the end is is about what we are releasing to God -what part of our lives we release to Him - I may worship Him - but He knows where my heart is.

Matt Redman also wrote "you give and take away" after 9/11 "

God is still on the Throne...

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