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No choice resolution
« on: January 01, 2018, 12:44:33 AM »
Time and space is irrelevant to the spirit, therefore where the comma is, is also irrelevant.  Just a thought. :o

It's interesting though - and of course after death time has no relevance - so however long we have to wait "it will seem like no time at all"  I still look forward to seeing all my past ancestors and all my future - family connections and those I never met in this life who,  are yet to be born and how the traits of the family  continue on - into eternity.

I look forward to seeing how "the family in my lifetime - continue in eternity" and how the orders may be reversed.

How the least in my known family will be the greatest and how  the ones I believe  will be with me - are not and will not be.

What a great loss -  yet there will be no grieving......

I look forward to a time when my family will not just be constrained to time and when I can see them as I know myself [or when I know myself - as I have never known mysef before]

I look forward to a time [outside of time] when I will know why things happened and what was behind what happened -  when all will be revealed and the loss to me will be as reward

I look forward to a time when I can meet those grandchildren yet to be born and those who were still born [never being known]

I look forward to meeting all those within my family tree "past and future"  -  but also all those in my Christian family tree - both past and future and  finding out why  many never made it..

But also living a life outside of time -  where communicaton will be simpy knowing and without the tongue.

Past is not past and future is not future - need is not need and faith is not needed, where the man and woman has no relevance and ambition ceases - building is no more and family is not limited to a single lineage

No more gifts - wow - that will lose the identity of so many especially teachers - ministers , those identified by their giftngs such as = word of knowledge, miraclles, etc.

No more prophesy - I wonder how people will cope with all the changes to the new life in the new time...

I suppose it will come naturally in the new body that we will have - "that never ages"

I wonder how we will remember or want to remember - the old earth and the old  life ...[will we even have or need memories ?]

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Re: No choice resolution
« Reply #1 on: January 01, 2018, 10:10:23 AM »
It's a solution to all my resolutions..

[wonders if there will be pews ?]

No need for sitting I suppose and  I won't have a choice as to all the changes   

No more shops woooooooooooooo  guitar: