CF&FF’s Mission Statement.

Christian Faith and Fellowship Forums also named 1faith, originally welcomed all whose beliefs and aspirations were
broadly those of Christian embrace. Membership was open to any person who held, or genuinely sought
 faith within the Christian parameter, and who did not post negative and disruptive material.

This was summed up in the posts to this board which viewers were invited to read. Our original
intent to be 100% catholic in our embrace proved to be too ambitous and we are now recovering our
composure in a more limited sphere of mainstream Christian membership.

CF&FF makes one exception to its resolve to permit wide ranging mainstream Christian membership, and that is to disallow contributions by those who post with continuously unacceptable insular
bigotry; our resolve being based on the fact that none of us can 'see' other than "through a glass darkly" until we meet Christ face to face and finally "know even as we are known".

We are not afraid of insular bigotry; in fact it can help to spice up the resolve of our more mature membership.

But there are are limits in respect of which we may well exercise restriction.

May the Lord lead us in the way that accords with His will.

Christ is the diamond, so beautifully cut, with multiple facets so bright.
Around Him stands all manner of men, and each sees one aspect of light.
Christ turns but a fraction, the sparkling lights change;
New wonders the viewers perceive.

Each light somewhat different; specifically meant, for the ones who the Spirit receive.

None has the right to say to another, the light that you see isn’t true.

The facet for him was cut for his purpose; yours was cut only for you.
But all viewers jointly, their own lights held true, make a composite brilliant reflection.

It’s the Body of Christ…..the Diamond's intent….



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